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Important meal for me and my familyCompany, making a happiness with a good meal* Established in 1999, Aram has produced food based on the belief that our company is making food which can be trusted to the extent that our family can eat. New and diligent step you take for the growth in the future* Based on our interest in food, we are making a continuous efforts to take a step forward. Pride to make a safe food, putting quality as the top priority* We received HACCP certification and are making safe and quality food by following systematic production management and hygienic processes.Company which makes a continued research on food manufacturing technology.* We produce a wide range of products, from traditional Korean drinks to traditional HMR home snacks, and continue to research new foods to meet customer needs. Aram, small but strong company which is based on its firm belief* Solid food manufacturing technology, thorough production and quality management and passion of executives and employees,These three are the core values of Aram.Our vision is to open a new era of home convenient food market based on our core values and belief. ------------------------------------------------ “Pride in making safe foods, a company with quality at the top" We own our own 495㎡ factory, equipped with the latest facilities such as large heating tanks, automatic rotary two-row spout packing machines, metal detectors and retort sterilization equipment, and produce products through strict hygiene and process control.

SAMSIOKKI Soupy Tteokbokki

[Samsiokki] Soupy Tteokbokki FeaturesIt is soupy typeThe speical recipe and Tteokbokki sauce of SamsiokkiA chewy bite the wheat rice cake increases the texture upFancy taste of fish cake SpecsProduct name: [Samsiokki] Soupy TteokbokkiType of food: Rice cakes(Frozen foods consumed by heating)Weight: 540gExpiration date: Until the date indicated on the front page()Comp ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog