Sooin cosmetic co ltd

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

Sooin cosmetic co ltd

CEO : Lim Tae Gil


Achasanro 92, 13F,12F, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea



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Sooin Cosmetic that is a distributor, specializes in manufacturing, delivering, and exporting cosmetics. We have the development capability of products based on proprietary brands of Coreana, Hankook etc..We are an affiliate marketing and export specialized company which specializes in the delivery to the Duty Free Shops for foreigners as well as the export of goods abroad standing on the basis of our own logistics system.We export basic skin care cosmetics to Northeast asia, Southeast asia, Europe and U.S.A., supply cosmetics to airports and duty free shops, and guideshops. Also, we deliver exclusive brand subsidiary materials to hypermarket and skincare cosmetic’s subsidiary materials to hotels and golf courses. We have own brand SHO, SSO, MIRUM, TOP CLOUD, and launched to domestic open markets.


RODIN SHO RECOVERY TIMELESS AMPOULE 28DAYS INTENSIVE CARE 2ml x 28ea Amazing change in only 28 daysMoisturize your skin with only a bottle of ampoule! It keeps your skin moisturized with all moisture you need for one day.It cares for insufficient moisture which causes wrinkles by absorbing hydration for your skin. It keeps the best skin condition charging energy w ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog