WACO Corp.

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

WACO Corp.

CEO : Yong Sung, Shin


10,#A-301, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea





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We, WACO Corp. are thespecialized manufacturer and exporter of Water purifiers for household andWater purification systems for Commercial and Industrial use based on ourcontinuous study and investment for the products. And we have secured thesuperior competitive power while exporting our goods to over 50 countries sinceestablished. In addition, we are the enterprise of"KOTRA Global Brand Company" by KOTRA (Korea Trade-InvestmentPromotion Agency) and "Hi Seoul Brand" who is selected by SeoulMetropolitan Government and has the most advanced technology and the qualitycertificates for the goods. And we are trying to open the healthy cultural lifefor our worldwide customers with the high quality and the advanced technology.The worldwide customers acknowledge that Hyundai Wacor Tec. Co., Ltd. is thesymbol of Korea in the field of Water purifiers and Water purification systems. We will be continuously trying to developall our products as a worldwide leader of the manufacturers of water purifiersand water purification systems. We will do our best to let the worldwidecustomers know the superior technology and design of Korea as Creation andGrowth that Taeguek symbol also means in Taeguek-Flag. And we will try tobecome a reliable enterprise who always develop the quality of the goods. All products and related products are designed and manufactured specifically by WACO Corp. in this catalogue showcase. Our company continues the healthy growth ever aiming for the best quality and prioritizing the trust with customers. Also we will keep exerting every effort to meet customers' needs by focusing on the technology development in order to cope with its industry innovation in advance. We ask your continuous attention and encouragement. Our company policy is to research and to develop our productscontinuously.Some contents of this catalogue can be changed to improve the quality and design of products without notice. *Copyright© All Rights Reserved by WACO Corp.All rights reserved and unauthorized copy is prohibited.

Point-of-Entry Water treatment system

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog