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On 21st, a habit began_ A small change in everyday life leading to your health. We are pleased to introduce Good Habit. Good Habit is a brand name born of a motto that we keep our health through all the foods we eat in everyday life - organic nuts and dried fruits & tea, convenience food, nutritious snacks, simple processed food, beverage, jelly etc. While sourcing nutritious ingredients throughout the world, we look into a variety of ways on how to develop them into special commodity and have consumers eat them delicious , simple and convenient , thus making them common in everyday life. With the following basic philosophy in mind, we have started to develop the product and we continue meeting the challenge of realizing a good idea. 1. Develop a healthy habit with food eaten everyday. 2. Foods must be delicious to be eaten everyday. 3. If foods, albeit delicious, are inconvenient to eat, eating them cannot become a habit. Once a product is developed, we will make efforts to get it widely known by approaching consumers via a variety of media. Our effort will not stop until the day when all people get into a good habit. Company Overview Company Name : Good Habit Corp. CEO/President : Baek Eun Seung Main product : Health Food, Processed Food, Fresh Food, (Nuts, dried fruits, health powder, Organic products, Beverage, Jelly, Simple processed foods etc) Main Business : Food wholesale and retail, food manufacture Year of Establishment : July 21, 2016 Number of Employees 15 Location Head Office/Factory : 46, Neungpyung Ri, Opoeup, Kwangjusi, Kyugnggido Pangyo Branch Office: 592, Baekhyundong, Bundangku, Sungname si, Kyugnggido Website : Certifications : Organic food handling, HACCP Good Habit Spirit (Success Strategy) Common : Develop products which can become a habit in the daily lives of as many people as possible Differentiation : Second to none. Provide unique and differentiated products and services Steady : Start recklessly, go ahead to see the end result, keeping trying and without losing the original intention 2022, Habit formed.

A Cup of Tart Cherries

Name : A Cup of Tart CherriesFood type : Fruit and vegetable juiceServing size : 110ml*18Country of origin : South KoreaIngredients : Water, Tart Cherry Concentrate 20.76%(Content of mixed tart cherry 100%,Turkey), Pear Juice concentrate 4%(Content of mixed pear 100%, Israel)Package material : Pouch - Polyethylene, Package box(Paper)Serial No. 1996044304782Manufacture : V ...View more

Trade Price / USD 11 / 1 Boxes

MOQ / 150 Boxes

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog