Sonic World Co., Ltd.

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

Sonic World Co., Ltd.

CEO : Woo Choul Hee


42-10, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea



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Sonicworld is the world’s no.1 sonic wave vibration machine manufacturing company. Sonic wave whole body vibration machine, SONIX, is made of a unique technology based on the principle of sound speakers. SONIX is selected as world class product of Korea and has received many certificates for its technology. SONIX generates wide range of sonic wave vibration which can be adjusted like a speaker volume. SONIX generates precise vertical vibrations which stimulates not only the whole body but also the deeper parts of the human body such as organs, cells and tissues. It gives beneficial effects such as increase of muscle strength, bone mineral density and promotes circulation of blood and lymph. Sonix allows you to adjust frequencies and intensity levels of the vibration. Therefore you may set the machine according to your physical conditions. The beneficial effects of whole-body vibration from Sonix include the increase of muscle strength, bone mineral density, and growth hormone and the improvement of blood and lymph circulation. These advantages would be good for the old, the patient, the disabled, the injured and the obese. It is applicable to all sectors of healthcare industry. We have already received a certificate from the FDA and CE. Sonic World is working to add value to human life. We have set company’s sights and mission on the improvement of human health.

SonicWave Therapy System

SONICWAVE Vibration TechnologySONIX is the world's first sound wave whole body system developed by applying the principles of the Woofer speaker.A woofer is a speaker designed to produce low frequency sounds. The effects of Whole Body Vibration exercise on muscle function and muscle reactivity in the knee(CHONBUK National University)Activation of lower extremity muscles b ...View more

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