HNK Co Ltd

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

HNK Co Ltd

CEO : Han Youn Suk


217, Jungang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea



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HNK Corperation is a specialized export company.We believe the following four conditions are the basic conditions for good food: "1. Made with reliable ingredients? 2. Was it produced in a clean environment? 3. Do you comply with food-related laws? 4. Is it health food? "We use this condition as our standard, and we only select products that are positive for this question.


ABEBE ORGANIC KID'S SEAWEEDIt is only baked with seaweed 100%.It has organic certification from three countries, Korea, the United States, and China. In the clean sea of Korea, fresh and good ingredients were carefully selected with the mother's mind from the beginning to the processing and carefully made with strict standards.It was marinated in several layers, a ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog