BTC Corporation

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

BTC Corporation

CEO : Kim Tae-Young


경기도 안산시 상록구 해안로 705 기술고도화동 703호



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** For healthier tomorrow ** Since being established in 2006, BTC has become a leading company in nutraceutical ingredients market in Korea. BTC has specialized in the development and supply of natural ingredients for the food industry. The natural ingredients obtained from plants and fruits are developed by the using the most advanced technologies. The efficacy and safety of the ingredients have been proved by various experiments and clinical tests. The whole productive process from raw materials to finished products stage is strictly controlled to guarantee the highest manufacturing standards. In order to develop continuous new ingredients and production technologies, our research team has collaborated with prestigious universities and external research institutes. BTC dedicates to providing the most efficacious and the highest quality products.BTC promises to always be one step ahead as serious and reliable partner.

FermenGIN Fermented Red Ginseng Stick

FermenGIN Korean Fermented Red Ginseng Stick is 100% 6-year-old Korean Red Ginseng made by the patented method using probiotics. Patented technology reduces bitter taste by using gamma-cyclodextrin and boosts the unique taste of Red Ginseng.FermenGIN Sticks are good for the body, but because of the bitter taste, even the taste buds of elementary school students can challe ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog