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ROOTONIX respects, protects and preserves the value of youth. ROOTONIX was born to maintain your beautiful youth through scalp care and hair loss prevention.ROOTONIX is Korea’s representative homecare brand that provides daily change and freshness to consumers based on innovative design and technology. Through ceaseless research and development for scalp & hair health,we are striving to develop the No.1 hair & scalp care brand by the advanced technology.ROOTONIX’s technology for hair & scalp care is recognized as an innovative brand in the global hair care market and attracting attention not only in Korea, but also in lots of overseas markets such as Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Australia, HongKong and Japan.

Black Bean Extract Anti hair loss Supplement Original

It is produced by stir-frying instead of black bean powder to capture both taste and nutrients.It is a simple ingestion method in the form of a ring that can be easily inbgested anytime, anywhere.It was manufactured without adding any chemicals such as preservatives, sugar, and pigments.It's an eco-friendly product because it's made from recyclable bottles, not just once ...View more

Trade Price / USD 25 / 1 Pieces

MOQ / 100 Pieces

ROOTFARM Ampoule Anti-hair loss Scalp Serum

ROOFARM is functional cosmetic that relieves hair loss.It is a product made by healthy extraction of skin irritation response mitigation plants containing patented ingredients brought from the clean area of Jeju Rabbit Island.Eight naturally derived extracts and 20 green extracts were carefully selected to contain ingredients that can be used for sensitive scalp.

Trade Price / USD 8 / 1 Pieces

MOQ / 240 Pieces

Volume Booster LED Scalp Massager

Volume Booster is a home care device that anyone can manage at home at an inexpensive price unlike the existing scalp massager.Volume Booster is a beauty device equipped with its patented "electroporation" technology, LED therapy function in three modes, and powerful vibration massage function of 9,000 times per minute that delivers active ingredients of cosmetics to the ...View more

Trade Price / USD 43 / 1 Pieces

MOQ / 108 Pieces

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog