shine&shine co., Ltd.

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

shine&shine co., Ltd.

CEO : So Young Back


125 Gwahak-ro, KRIBB,18 BVC, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea



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SHINE&SHINE is... SHINE & SHINE Co.,Ltd is theprofessional manufacturer and distributor of herbal cosmetics. SHINE&SHINEis the specialized in skin care product that can deliver the good nutrientsmade from red ginseng and natural fermented herbal ingredients to theskin with the herbal bio method. Brand storySHINE&SHINE is using the slogan as "Arise your skin and Shine!!" The skin suffering from a tiring daily life and stress are protected by ginsenoside which is the core and rare ingredient in red ginseng and the natural herbal material. That makes our skin arise and shine. SHINE&SHINESolutionOur solution is the environmental improvements of our skin through strengthening the immune system of skin and recovery fast. The effect becomes insufficient if even good ingredient does not absorb to the skin deeply. The method of the bio-oriental medicine of SHINE&SHINE is to help absorb the deep skin using much smaller particles than raw material for other products quickly and easily. By developing Herbal fermented technology, we have discovered natural ingredients that have an effect on whitening, anti-wrinkle and making our skin soothe and elastical through enough moisture. *What is the method of bio-oriental medicine? The core material from red ginseng can be mass-produced by 炮劑法(Herbalism based on the theory that by a proper treatment or suitably processed in order to increase the medicinal herbs value)and SHINE&SHINE own bio-technology that is Biological conversion (enzyme strains) method.

Shining Essence OH.EL Mask

Contains patent ingredients extracted from red ginseng- Cosmetics made by doctors of biotechnology- Contains natural ingredients- Moisture management is possible throughout the day-It contains a lot of highly concentrated essence, so it maintains moisture for a long time and nourishes the skin- Contains ingredients that help strengthen the skin wall- Contains ingredients ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog