Smartooth Co., Ltd.

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Smartooth Co., Ltd.

CEO : Son Hojung


10 Noryangjinro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea



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Smartooth makes a dental healthcare device ‘SMARTOOTH’ to monitor the teeth conditions, or the presence of dental caries. SMARTOOTH helps to detect caries early at home and visit the dentist by regularly checking the condition of teeth. In the form of a toothbrush, SMARTOOTH is a device that allows users to detect tooth decay/cavities through sound, using laser fluorescence measuring technology (optical sensor). Checking to see if you have cavities has never been easier with the simple operation of the device and sound notifications. You can also record your results by the tooth in the mobile app that Smartooth provides.If you can quickly visit the hospital when there is a problem while taking oral care through SMARTOOTH, you can benefit from lower medical costs and less painful treatment, while contributing to reducing the overall prevalence and medical costs. To date, the most common oral care products used at home are electric toothbrush or water flosser that only serves to clean and remove food from teeth. Although the premiumization of products has continued, it was somewhat unreasonable to expect them to play a role beyond cleaning. However, through SMARTOOTH with the same price, you can follow-up your dental conditions with an application as well as check whether you are properly managing your dental health.


SmarTooth is a dental device to be used at home- it's small, portable, and designed for anyone and everyone. The SmarTooth uses Fluorescence Spectroscopy to accurately check the teeth for cavities invisible from the naked eye. Fluorescence Spectroscopy is a smart technological application that measures the level of fluorescence on teeth. When wavelengths of light (655 nm) ...View more

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