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The difficulties of international commerce due to COVID-19 can be overcome with online video show sponsored by tradeKorea!
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    Face Fit Collagen Lemon
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      Face Fit Collagen Lemon&Grapefruit

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      Food & Beverage > Foods > Other Foods Health & Medical > Health > Health Products > Health Care Supplement

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Success Stories 03



                 Korea-Vietnam Online Export Show Venue                      New Company Building of MayJune Life & Health CO., INC.

                 (COEX)                                                                    in Jeungpyeong, Chungcheongbuk-do






tradeKorea holds regular online video product promotion shows to support local companies suffering from difficulties in exporting their products due to COVID-19 since early 2020. One session involved buyers that the Ho Chi Minh office of tradeKorea managed to recruit.



Ms. Na Ree, the staff at MayJune Life & Health CO., INC. in charge of export, was highly passionate in the online show by carefully preparing for it including doing detailed research on the buyers.



On the day of the online show May 28th (Thu),the buyer expressed great interest in the collagen powder and diet supplements of ayJune Life & Health CO., INC. The product in question is based on the GELIT AVERISOL collagen from a globally proven German manufacturer, acquiring“Top grade” in the low molecular absorption rate. The company also worked on the quality of the product by incorporating collagen patented in Germany, Canada, Australia, European Patent Office (EPO), USA, Mexico, and Poland as well as Korea.




MayJune Nutri FaceFit Collagen                                                MayJune Nutri FaceFit Collagen Powder (Lemon)



Na Ree is promoting and exporting collagen powder as the representative product of MayJune Life & Health CO., INC., with a factory set up on 2017 in Jeungpyeong, Chungcheongbuk-do specifically for its production. MayJune Life & Health CO., INC. currently supplies the products to Hong Kong and China, and it is no stranger to the Vietnamese market as it had run a sales campaign on the Vietnamese TV shopping channel. The buyer wanted exclusivity of the product. Both companies discussed the details including sample purchases via emails following the online session.


After in-depth discussions, the buyer reached the decision to bring MayJune Nutri FaceFit Collagen Powder to the Vietnamese market at the end of July. The amount was not great as it was the initial order, but the parties agreed to increase it in the future, along with 1-year exclusivity. MayJune Life & Health CO., INC. exported 100 cartons of FaceFit Collagen (Lemon) on July 28, including some free grapefruit flavor samples at the discretion of Ms. Na Ree. This was followed by 2,000 cartons on July 30 and exported 500 cartons on August 3 additionally. The buyer plans to pay a visit to the MayJune Life & Health CO., INC. factory in Jeungpyeong once the COVID-19 situation comes to an end.


Assistant manager Na-ri in MayJune Life & Health CO., INC. extended her gratitude to tradeKorea as she could offer the products to the desired market, thanks to the help of the matching agent of tradeKorea by showcasing the competitiveness of the products in the online show of tradeKorea while significantly saving travel time and cost. 






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