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About our Mask Pack (Super Lifting Pack)

This globally unrivaled product, researched and developed in the Central Research Laboratory of our company, has excellent complex cosmetic prescription which will provide lifting, wrinkle diminishing, whitening, pore tightening, blackhead removing, fat removing, etc., effects. 

Constituents (80ppm peptide) 

Solution 1: Concentrated essence consisting of skin improving ingredients, thickener, and purified water, for reinforcement of skin resilience, tightening of pores, whitening, regeneration of skin, breakdown of fat cells, and anti-aging effects. 

Solution 2: Solution consists of purified water,

               gelation promoting super-lifting polymer, etc.


Lifting mechanism 

Patented ingredient lifting polymer is a natural material obtained by dissolving porous natural minerals, which can be mixed with solution 1 to absorb CO2 in the air, quickly transforming into gel. 

When applied on skin, polymers dissolved changes back to porous minerals with time.

In the process of changing back to porous matter, they strongly combine together.

During this process on the first stage, toxins are absorbed then discharged, oxidized fat cells are eliminated, with strong lifting and wrinkle diminishing effects.

In the second stage, cleansed skin will quickly and effectively absorb functional cosmetic ingredients deep into skin. 

From such processes, skin will see whitening and brightening effects, for bright, clear, lustrous, and healthy skin.

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