4D Motion Facial Cleanser Brush

Product Detail Information

4D Motion Facial Cleansing Brush


Certified product by safety and efficacy of evaluation of cosmetics & cosmeceuticals

(DERMAPRO) authorized by government


Ergonomic design by LJW Company in France

Sole Patented Technology: 4 Directional brush movements

Made in Korea


4 Direction movement electronic facial cleansing brush

l Description l
One of the hottest item on beauty industry in Korea and Asia. With patented technology of 4D (right & left rotation + up & down vibration), our facial cleansing brush is the most effective way to clean the dirt on the face.

l Function l
Most effective facial DEEP cleansing brush with waterproof and patented 4 directional movement technology.

l Feature l

  • Patented 4D motion technology
  • Super deep cleansing using 4 direction (right & left rotation + up & down vibration)
  • IPX6 waterproof certified which allows users to use freely during shower
  • Micro fine fiber brush diameter is 0.009mm with 81,000 hairs. (Human pore size is about 0.03mm ~ 0.05mm. This means dimension our brush is much smaller and this allows the brush to penetrate through the pores for most effective deep cleansing result.)
  • Clinically all tested
  • Proven quality by from famous cosmetic brands and all over Asian market

Type A: Large Size

Type B: Small Size

Type C: Small Size


Large Size (mm,g)

Small Size (mm,g)

Model Type

1 Type

2 Types

Main body

73 x 203 x 60mm, 172

64 x 158 x50mm, 142g

Brush for cleansing

Hair Thickness (0.06)
Hair quantities (97,000)

Hair Thickness (0.06)
Hair quantities (82,000

Vibration puff




AA x 2 Units

AAA x 2 Units

Location of Manufacture

Made in Korea

can make on request of customer (Color, package, and Logo)

Logo – Free (1col.)

What does it do?

  1. Sebum / Pore Care
  2. Pore Contraction
  3. Black Head Care
  4. Skin Tone Improvement

Only one solution to take care all of them at ONCE!



The technology

  1. Rolling Method: Left + Right Rotation Technology
  2. Vibration Mode: Bruch vibrates Up & Down to bring up the dirt to surface and massage the skin as well.
  3. Rolling Method + Vibration Mode: Most effective way to clean your face. PATENTED TECHNOLOGY
  4. IPX6 Water Proof: Can be used during the shower with IPX6 water proof

Micro – Fine Fiber (Diameter 0.009mm) 97,000pcs

Much smaller than the diameter of human pores, our brush penetrates inside the pore and removes impurities that can’t be removed by normal face washing.

Current customers and sales channel

  1. Missha
  2. Coreana Cosmetics
  3. Skinfood Thailand
  4. Hankook cosmetics (the SAEM)
  5. Thailand GS home shopping broadcast sales
  6. PHILIP head office (under final product review)
  7. CJ IMC (CJ home shopping Vietnam) – Broadcasting Sales
  8. CJ home shopping Turkey – Broadcasting Sales
  9. USA QVC home shopping – under final product review
  10. Hong Kong SASA
  11. Japan Ritz – TV home shopping “Shop Channel” Broadcasting Sales
  12. CJ Philippines – Broadcasting Sales
  13. Lock & Lock Shanghai China – Broadcasting Sales
  14. Thailand “Kuron” – Exclusive Contract
  15. Wal-Mart – under product review 

Plus too many more to mention



Reasonable and competitive price

Buying straight from the factory not only saves cost but we can provide you with better and quicker after service!

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