Middle density fiber cement board

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Fiber Cement Board  

  Fiber Cement Board is a factory-made, non-insulating sheathing board product. It can be used for a number of applications including wall and ceiling linings, fascias, soffits, title backing and underlayment. it is made of magnesium oxide ,a type of mineral cement ,and is commonly called “MgO” due to its chemical composition of magnesium and oxygen. Think of MgO as a type of sheathing board – sort of like drywall or cement board – but with much –improved characteristics such as fire resistance, weather resistance ability to mold and mildew, and so on.

Produce Features

1.    Fire Resistance

Fiber Cement Board has been manufactured from incombustible materials and will not burn. It has been tested by PSB as a non-combustible product according to PSB476 part 4:1970 standard.

When used in conjunction with a recommended and approved system for drywall partitioning, Fiber Cement Board can achieve afire rating up to 2 hours according to bs476 part 22.

Being fire safe, Fiber Cement Board is also an ideal material for fire doors, curtain wall backer boards and rated box-ups and ceilings.

2.    Excellent Dimensional Stability

Manufactured under a high temperature and high pressure Autoclave process, Fiber Cement Board is perfectly stable and do not crap, sag, distort or swell due to humidity and temperature changes. It is suitable for use as suspended ceilings and dry wall systems in areas with high humidity such as toilets, kitchen, car porch, covered walkways etc.

3.    Chemical Resistance

Fiber Cement Board is highly resistance to dilute chemicals, acids, bleaching agents, chlorine solution and solvents. It can be used as linings for industrial buildings and ceilings over swimming pools where exposure to chemical is higher than normal environment.

4.    Moisture Resistance

Fiber Cement Board is exceptional resistance to moisture and will not degrade in damp or wet conditions. There will not be any reduction in strength when fully saturated with water. It is therefore an ideal material for use as lining materials for roof eaves, canopies, soffits, fascia and gables, ventilation ducts and shaft enclosures. It is also an ideal substrate for ceramic and marble tiles in wet areas (for example kitchen and bathroom).

5. Biological Resistance

Made from inorganic materials, Fiber Cement Board is unaffected by termites, insects and vermin. It does not promote fungus and other mould growth, making it the most suitable building material for a humid environment.

6. Easy To Work

The inherent strength and flexibility of Fiber Cement Board ensures its easy workability no extra skill or special tools are needed for the installation of Fiber Cement Board as it can be easily processed as cutting, nailing, screwing, and drilling can be done using ordinary carpenters’ tools.

7. Superior Thermal and Sound Insulation

Fiber Cement Board has been tested with thermal conductivity of 0.23w/mk and sound reduction of 40db. These superior properties made it one of the best materials for a comfortable living environment.

8. Freedom of Finishing

All kinds of paints suitable for building such as acrylic or emulsion paints can be used to give fujiboard a first class finish. Venter and other laminate materials can also be applied on its exceptionally smooth surface.

9. Impact Resistance

Fiber Cement Board is extremely strong and therefore ideal for use in areas susceptible to heavy usage and abuses such as schools, army camps, cafeteria and community centers etc.

10.   100% Asbestos and Formaldehyde Free

Fiber Cement Board has been tested and certified by PSB as a building board which contain no trace of asbestos and formaldehyde, making it one of the safest materials to be used in any building environment.

11. Availability

Fiber Cement Board is availability in many sizes and thickness to meet diverse needs of any types of building projects. Prefinished boards with painted finish or laminated with high pressure plastic laminates are available upon request.

12. Special Edges to Enhance Better Installation

Fiber Cement Board can be manufactured with 3 different edge details to enhance better installation.

Such as: square, Beveled, Tapered.

 Suggested Places for Application

Interlayer wall, Ceiling and external all are fit for Fiber Cement Board, when cooperate with wooden frame system or steel frame system.


1. Certificate of Green Building Material Products by China Building Materials Industries Association.

2. Fire-resistance: No flammability Grade A (GB8624 Grade A) by National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials

3. Fire-resistance Grade A (CN6532) by Taiwan Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs

4. Flame resistant test: Conform to British 476: 4 standards by PSB LAB test in Singapore

5. ISO9001: 2000 by American Quality Association



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