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Nutraceutical for Allergies and Allergic Disease 









Allex is a functional food product made with hardy kiwi extract as the main ingredient. Allex was developed to help those suffering from immune hypersensitivity and is successfully marketed in Korea.



Allex is the first product to receive approval for ‘help improve immune hypersensitivity’ functional claim from the KFDA. Results from human trial have already been published in an international scientific journal and patents have been issued from 14 different countries. 


The human trial for hardy kiwi extract, conducted at Seoul National University Hospital, showed improvements in various immune hypersensitivity related markers (IgE, ECP, eotaxin, etc.) and was able to complete KFDA’s functionality evaluation with it.  







The ability of hardy kiwi extract (PG102) to improve hyper-immune reactions was verified through clinical trials run by Korea’s leading researchers at Seoul National University Hospital’s Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  


Name of trial: Effect of Edible Actinidia arguta Extract (PG102) on Allergy-Related Primary Risk Factors.(randomized, double-blind, placebo comparison)  


Locations of trial: Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at Seoul National University Hospital and Bundang Hospital.  


Results of trial: PG102 had no observed side effects while safely improving allergy reaction levels. It was judged to have superior properties as a nutraceutical in controlling inflammation and fluids and inhibiting the advancement of immune reactions. 







Product made with natural substance.  


Introduced as a new alternative for immune hypersensitivity.  


Selected as one of five functional food products good for immunity by KHSA. 

(Korea Health Supplements Association). 







Immune hypersensitivity refers to body’s overreaction to substances such as pollen, yellow dust, cold wind, dust mite, smog, specific food, etc.  


Immune hypersensitivity can occur due to genetics or when exposed to causative substances while the immune system is overly sensitive due to environmental pollution.

Ex)Skin: Itchness/redness/hives, Respiratory: Dry cough/difficulty breathing, Nose: Runny nose/itchy nose/stuffy nose. 


26.8 % (2011) of Korean population are known to suffer from immune hypersensitivity. We have already been receiving inquiries regarding raw material/product from Thailand. 


Allex does not contain any artificial coloring or flavoring and does not have any known side effects, which makes it suitable for those wanting to improve immune hypersensitivity safely. 


Usage: 2 capsules, 2 times daily, with water

Specification: 120 caps/bottle.

Shelf Life: Two years

Storage: Keep in a dry and cool place.

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