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OKF Smoothie 

Our premium drink, Smoothie 6 blended healthy fruits and vegetables packed up nutrition and fantastic taste for balance of health in our daily lives. It helps to keep good body shape and serve essential nutrient. Plus, there is fun to choose your favorite color beverage blended with fruits and vegetables that has same color. Enjoy premium package and get freshness with just one sip. 



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- Red (Strawberry + Grapefruit + Mango) 

- Yellow (Pineapple + Mango + White Grape)

- Orange (Orange + Mango + Grapefruit)

- Green (Kiwi + Apple + Mango)
- Pink (Peach + Mango + White Grape)

- Purple (Blueberry + Red Grape + Mango)



PET 500ml 



[Company Introduction] 


OKF is a manufacturer producing approximately 750 types of drinks and exporting to 160 countries including America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Especially, Aloe Vera King by OKF is world No.1 brand in the industry, occupying 76% of aloe vera drink market. 


A wide variety of OKF products are being sold by various distrubution channels such as groceries, drug stores, convenient stores, and super markets (Costco, Wal-mart, Tesco, Carrefour, Metro, Super, Vlaue, Kroger, etc) and  with its quality products, OKF has won intemational awards such as ITQI, Beverage Innovation, American Masters, etc.


In addition, it has won Monde Selection awards four times(2009,2013,2015,2016) which can be compared to the quality stars of a hotel or those of the Michelin Guide, boasting its astonishing taste and quality. Also OKF has been nominated as World Champ Corporation Which is a kind of the license Korean government grants to bring up a world class corporation and Global Star Corporation. Besides, almost all of prestigious awards in the industry such as President's award, the first class manufacturing corporation, the first class - product certification are what OKF has swept for achieving 100 million dollars exportation.


Now OKF is the internationally recognized corporation for devoting its heart and soul to producing premium healthy beverages and has benn sparing no effort to produce and develop whatever customers want.

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