KneeGuardKids3 Car Seat Footrest

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  • MaterialABS, PP, PC
  • Size382.0 * 102.0 * 232.0 mm
  • Weight2 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Others

[inGarden Corporation]

  • South Korea South Korea

inGarden Corporation

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About the Product
Mom~ my legs hurt so bad! Protect your child’s knees from the force of gravity pulling their dangling legs
KneeguardKids provides comfort and stability and removes pain, discomfort, and numbness, as it keeps the blood circulation flowing freely within your child’s legs by relieving unnecessary pressure from the seat belt.
Provides secure connection with ISOFIX(LATCH). The height and angle of the Foot Plate is adjustable
The Load(Support) Leg that enables the height control bar to reach the floor is installed, making it safe and durable
Since, we only sell the car seat footrest, it is not including the car seat

Product Description
The Car Seat Footrest, KneeGuardKids, is necessary for children who:
1. Kick the front seat
2. Sic cross-legged
3. Put their legs on the armrest
4. Cry and throw a tantrum
5. Say their legs are hurt

Kids siting crossed legs on the car seat or putting their feet on the armrest or the front seat.
It is because the gravity pulls down their legs as much as their weight.
Continuous strss to kids may cause knee pain and deformation.
And damage in their knees where the growth plate is denselt locates may disrupt normal groth.
Kids kicking the seat back of the front seat.
It is because dangling legs may cause blood circulation problem and leg numbness.
So, kids kick the seat back to reduce the knee pain when longer cat trip.
KneeGuardKids protects child's knees health from the gravity, and help them to sit on the car seat comfortably and stably.
The longer you use the KneeGuardKids, the more value it has.

If you search KneeGuardKids on Youtube, you can watch the introductory and broadcast video.

Passed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No.213 "Child Restraint System"
by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This product is strictly protected by patent, design patent and trademark.
US Patent Registration number is 9089219.
US Design Patent Application number is 29577301 and 29585089.
US Trademark Registration number is 4789479.


Product Information
Item Weight: 1.6kg
Product Package Dimensions: 382*102*232 (mm)
Carton Dimension: 530*400*480 (mm) | 10EA | 17kg

Safety Warning 
Height and angle adjustment should be made by an adult when the vehicle is not in motion 


Product Detail Image
  • KneeGuardKids3 Car Seat Footrest

  • KneeGuardKids3 Car Seat Footrest

  • KneeGuardKids3 Car Seat Footrest

  • KneeGuardKids3 Car Seat Footrest

  • KneeGuardKids3 Car Seat Footrest

  • KneeGuardKids3 Car Seat Footrest

  • KneeGuardKids3 Car Seat Footrest

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