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Bongsunhwa Food Company, as a manufacturer specialized in salt, has developed new salt by using garden balsam. It acquired patent for the processing technology based on experience and accumulated technology of 40 years history.


It is a processed salt of new concept which is created by the salt produced in the mud flat salt field of mineral-rich, Shinan island, and garden balsam extract.


Our company name, Bongsunhwa, means Garden balsam in Korean. We can feel healthy and fresh taste from Bongsunhwa (Garden Balsam) salt since it reduces fishy taste of fisheries. It also relieve oily and fishy taste of hot soup dishes e.g. spicy fish stew and so on. As we did in the past, we’ll continue to put our efforts in developing good food products with clean raw material to nutritional & beneficial to human body.





Put sun-dried salt into bamboo tube and then bake it in high temperature.
Then mix bamboo salt with Hwangto Jijangsoo (Refined water by mud) and apply high heat to it.
Add oriental medicine materials, seaweeds, and garden balsam extract (Natural additives) and mix them.





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