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What's Smart Rebar Coupler ?

It's Easy, Applicable, and Reliable 

Smart Coupler innovatively improves the drawbacks of existing mechanical coupler. Perfect splicing can be completed by a single worker with a simple push and click.
Along with its easy application comes top-notch structural performance.  

| Detailed Description |

* It secures the completion of splicing
 - When a rebar is connected to the Smart Coupler with low hand pressure, not only you would hear a 'click', but also feel the completion of coupling. This estimates the possibilities of incomplete splicing without quality inspection.

* Maximizing the efficiency of splicing work
 - Only one worker with 2 seconds, then splice done. Smart Coupler saves tremendous time and manpower, which translates into substantial cost reduction.

* Enhancing the applicability
 - It can be easily spliced not only in general vertical beam, but also in difficult areas of splicing, such as horizontal beam, wall, precast, and bridge sections. 

* Structural Excellence
 - It is equipped with sufficient tensile strength for rebars over SD 600 grade.

| Smart comparison of rebar splicing methods |


Criteria Welded Splices Lap Splices Threaded Coupler Smart Coupler
No. of Workers needed 2 2 2 1
Estimatedworking hours in Seconds 80 30 60 2
Overlapping of Rebar O O X X
Quality control Test O O O X
Structurally Separate entity X X O O
Completeness of Splicing work X X O
Extra Tools Needed O O O X
Applicability in Federal Building (in USA) X X O O
Applicability in Seismic Design (in USA) X X O O


| Specification |


Size D 35 D 32 D 29 D 25 D 22 D 19 D 16 D 13
External Diameter mm 73.5 69.5 61.3 54.3 48.3 43.3 37.3 32.3
Internal Diameter mm 39 35.5 32 28 26 22 18 14
Length mm 270 254 238 220 210 195 180 160
weight kg 4.6 3.9 2.8 2.1 1.5 1.3 0.85 0.5
Tensile Strength N/mm2 735(SD600) 767(SD600) 765(SD600) 792(SD600) 806(SD600) 758(SD600) 718(SD600) 671(SD500)





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  • Smart Rebar Coupler_One Touch

  • Smart Rebar Coupler_One Touch

  • Smart Rebar Coupler_One Touch

  • Smart Rebar Coupler_One Touch

  • Smart Rebar Coupler_One Touch

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