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A bolt and a nut are used to firmly fasten two or more members together in a structure such as a machine, pier, steel tower, ship, automobile, and so on.
Like this, the bolt and the nut are screw-fastened to each other to couple the two or more members to each other, and in this state, if vibrations or impacts are continuously applied to the fastened portion of the bolt and the nut from the outside, the bolt and the nut are slowly loosened in the opposite direction to their fastened direction.
In case of bolts and nuts used in rails along which a train runs, for example, they are loosened due to vibrations and impacts generated while the train is running.
As the fastened states between the bolts and the nuts are loosened, further, gaps on the rails may be generated, which unfortunately causes big accidents.
In addition, such loosening may be generated in various industrial sites or devices, which undesirably causes serious safety accidents.
In the industrial sites wherein strong impacts or vibrations are continuously applied to the fastened portion between the bolt and the nut, especially, there is a definite need to solve safety problems caused by the loosening of the bolt and the nut.



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