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Red Ginseng Powdered Hanji (Paper Mulberry) Mask Pack

By Hanji Me

Health & Beauty
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8 Woori Hanji Global Corp

Country South Korea South Korea

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Wake up your skin with Paper Mulberry which had supported our forefathers over thousands years!

 The red ginseng in Hanji Mask Sheet made of Paper Mulberry and Red Ginseng is the products of Kumsan in Korea. High quality red Ginseng, often used as medicinal stuffs, cotains more than 13 kinds of saponin. The red ginseng is effective for anti-aging and makes the skin healthy.   Hanji Mask Sheet made of Paper Mulberry and Red Ginseng contains high concentrations of red Ginseng. When Hanji Mask Sheet is made, the Red Ginseng powder is absorbed into textures of Paper Mulberry and sticks to textures firmly. So you can see the reddish powder.

 The Red Ginseng in Hanji Mask Sheet made of Paper Mulberry and Red Ginseng treats your skin quickly and effectively.

 Hanjime high-concentration essence consists of the extract of Marine Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. It makes our skin vital and healthy. (Because Paper Mulberry takes smell, red ginseng scent may not be strong.)

 The Paper Mulberry and the cotton(back) in Hanji Mask Sheet are stuck to together without chemical glue. This condition that the cotton clings to the Paper Mulberry and the cotton makes improve soft feel and durability of texture. .

 Hydrophilic Paper Mulberry Sheet can maximize contact with face to enable easy absorption of the essence into face. The high concentration of essence helps moisturize the skin and reduce skin pores. Anti-bacterial Hanji Mask Sheet kills facial fungi, etc.