• Q How do I check if a supplier company is legitimate?
    • 1. If you are in search of suppliers, you may consider trading with a company with DUNS Number on tradeKorea.com who has already been checked by a global company information provider, Duns&Bradstreet. DUNS Number provides most up-to-date information to users.


      2. Also, please check whether the supplier has a profile page called ‘minisite’ on tradeKorea.com. A Minisite provides the company’s essential information. A supplier who took the time and effort to create a thorough profile page is probably more trustworthy than one who hasn’t. But a motivated scammer can also create a charming minisite filled with fake pictures, videos, and other information. So, please view profile pages with a skeptical eye.


      3. You may also be careful with the supplier if the price offered is significantly lower than the general market price or condition for shipping is 100% prepayment.


      4. If you have found a supplier, but have concerns before paying, you may consider using TK Pay. For samples with a small amount, you can use TK pay for the fast and reliable transaction. Products with TK pay allows up to $3,000 per order, and five orders per month. Your payment will be on hold for two weeks. Please have ‘price offer’ from sellers in tradeKorea and go on to the order.

  • Q How to protect myself from phishing emails
    • tradeKorea.com is continually checking spam inquiries and making anti-spam efforts to prevent online frauds. Spam messages detected by our spam filter will be automatically marked as [SPAM] in your inquiry box.


      You may still get suspicious and fake emails attempt to scam you by asking your email address and passwords. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of phishing website, you should pay attention to the email address if it is fake or not, also pay attention to the website address that you may be on fake tradeKorea.com website. If you suspect the website you’re on is a fake tradeKorea.com site, leave the website immediately and report it to tradeKorea.com.


      If you already entered your email address and password, please change your password immediately and contact us as well.

  • Q Why limit my access rights?
    • tradeKorea.com respects everyone's Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) and expects users of our website to honor the same.


      Products against IPR policy such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks cannot be posted on tradeKorea.com.


      Violation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) using unauthorized another party’s materials and trademarks can take enforcement actions against violators such as limiting access right, terminating membership, delisting products. 


      ● Please read our [Product Approval Policy] and [Product Listing Policy] for more information.

  • Q Can I have more than one account?
    • User cannot register more than one account and same products cannot be posted as well.

      If you wish to make a new account, please delete your account first and join tradeKorea.com after. 

      One user can only register one member account on our site. 

  • Q Manage Minisite Layout and Minisite Banner

      After creating your Minisite, to change your Minisite Layout please follow the procedure below. 



      1. Please go to My tradeKorea > Minisite and click [Manage My Minisite] button. 



      2. Check your 'Current Design' and click [change layout] button.  If you wish to change your current Minisite layout to others,  you can choose one of the layouts from A to C. 



      3. To change your Minisite Banner Design and your Company name, please click [Main Banner Settings] 



      4. Please enter text then Add to edit your Banner text. To make changes please click Apply button and Save button as well. 


  • Q How can I make my Minisite?

    • To create your Minisite, please go to My tradeKorea and click Minisite first on Seller's menu.

      After creating your Minisite URL, please click the [Submit] button on the page. Your Minisite will be displayed online immediately. You can start making your own customized Minisite for your company. 

  • Q Why can't I find my products I submitted?

    • Please be informed that all products on tradeKorea.com have to be checked for content and accuracy.

      This approval process usually takes up to 1-2 business days. 

      Your product will be displayed on tradeKorea.com 24 hours later after the product approval. 

  • Q Why weren’t my products approved within 24 hours?

    • Please be informed that Product Registration takes up to 1-2 business days to be approved by administrator 

      and if the detailed description of the product is not provided properly, the product can be rejected. 

      To see the status of the rejected product, please log in to tradeKorea.com and go to 

      My tradeKorea> My Product> Manage Products to see the rejected reason and edit the product information.

      Please check the reasons for product rejections and read [Product Approval Policy] 

      before posting your products.

  • Q How do I delete a product?
    • To delete your products, please follow the steps below:

      1. Sign in to My tradeKorea and go to My Products. 

      2. Select the product to delete. 

      3. Click [Delete] button to remove the product.

      ● Your product information will be removed within 24 hours on tradeKorea.com

  • Q How to edit my products?
    • To edit your products, please follow the steps below:

      1. Sign in to My tradeKorea and go to My Products.
      2. Click the products to edit. 
      3. Click [Edit] button to make changes 
      4. Click Submit when your changes are complete. 

      ● Please read our [Product Approval Policy] and [Product Listing Policy] before you make changes. 

  • Q How do I display new products?
    • To display new products, please follow the steps below:

      1.Sign in to My tradeKorea and go to My Products.
      2.Select the tab [Add a New Product].
      3.Fill out the product information. Make sure you fill in all required fields – those with an asterisk(*).

      ●  Your product images should be in JPG or JPEG and less than 1MB. Upon approval, your product will be published online within 1-2 business days.

      ● Please read our [Product Approval Policy] and [Product Listing Policy] before you add a new product. 

  • Q How can I cancel my account?
    • If you access your account, you can follow the steps below to deactivate your account.

      1.Sign in to My tradeKorea and go to My account.
      2.Click [Cancel My tradeKorea Account] at the bottom of the page.
      3.Choose the reason for leaving and click the button [Cancel My tradeKorea Member Account] to delete your account.

  • Q How can I modify company information?

    • To edit your company information on tradeKorea.com, please follow the steps below. 

      1. Please sign in to My tradeKorea> My Account , then click the [Company Info] in the mouse over dropdown-menu. 

      2. Please click [save] button after you modify your company information. 

  • Q How can I modify contact Information?
    • To edit your information on tradeKorea.com, please follow the steps below.

      1. Please sign in to My tradeKorea > My Account 

      2. To change your Email address, please click the [Change Email] button.

      3. Please enter your email address and click the [e-mail change] button.

      4. To edit your personal information, please fill out the information and click the [Edit] button on the page. 

  • Q How can I contact suppliers on tradeKorea.com?
    • How can I contact the suppliers? 

      If you have found the product you want, you can see the button  in the product listing page.

      After you click the [Send Inquiry] button, you can write an inquiry and send the inquiry to the supplier and order the item.

      You can also click the supplier's name on the right side of the product page to get the supplier's phone number. 

      You can make a call to the supplier directly as well. 

  • Q How can I find my ID/PW?
    • 1. Forgot your ID?

          - Click “Forgot your ID or Password” on the sign-in page, then enter your email address.

            Your ID will be sent to your email address.


      2. Forgot your E-mail address?

          Click Support > Contact us, then enter your information(Company Name/President/work email address).

          Our team in charge will get back to you in 2-3 business days.


      3. How can I change my ID?

           You may only have one ID per company. 

           If you want to change your ID, you must delete your existing ID first then join our website with a new ID.


      4. Forgot your Password?

          - Click "Forgot your ID or password?" and enter your Member ID and email address.


          - Password reset email will be sent to your email address. 


      5. How do I change my password?

          - Home > My tradekorea > My account Button > Change Password. 




  • Q Who can use our Global Business Matching Service?
    • Global Business Matching Service (GBMS)

      For buyers who are looking for high-quality Korean products, our Global Business Matching Service can help you access information on Korean suppliers.

      It's Reliable, Fast and Free sourcing service and available only for buyers. Directly meet with top suppliers within 24 working hours. 

      Click Here to Apply Global Business Matching Service

  • Q How to become Gold Trader & Gold Plus Trader
    • How to become Gold Trader & Gold Plus Trader

      Based on your activity level, tradeKorea.com will classify you as a Trader, Gold Trader, or Gold Plus Trader.

      Gold Traders and Gold Plus Trader have priority listing in search results and can receive other special benefits.

      Your classification is re-evaluated every six months based on your activity index.

  • Q Why do some video files not work?

      MS Windows Media Player for Window users
      [Reason] ‘Windows Media Player’ program is not installed on your PC.
      [Solution] Install ‘Windows Media Player’ ( Free download)

      'Real Media File' for Mac OS X users
      [Reason] ‘Real Media Player’ program is not installed on your PC.
      [Solution] Install ‘Real Media Player’. (Free download)