Vaginal Irrigation Suction System : APRO-110

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irrigation, douche, vaginal douche, vaginal irrigation&suction
Medical Devices , Urological Supplies , Wound Dressing Equipments , Other Health Care Products
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Product name Vaginal Irrigation Suction System : APRO-110 Certification -
Category Medical Devices
Urological Supplies
Wound Dressing Equipments
Other Health Care Products
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Product Information
APRO-110 is Therapeutic Vaginal Douche Apparatus or called Vaginal Irrigation System.

When patients are treated in OB/GYN, Usually, the vaginal wall and cervix are cleaned by cotton ball or gauze ball.

Cotton ball and gauze ball is cold. They give a patient a chill.

Doctors scrape their vaginal wall and cervix.

They have patients feel pain and uncomfortable.

To be cleaned up by APRO-110 is soft, smooth and not painful.

Patients do not feel the difference and uncomfortable.

When they use the cotton ball and solution, the solution was leaking from vaginal wall due to the over applying. They can solve the problem by the spray of APRO-110 as well as prevent from side-affect from the solution.

Doctors can be easy to remove vaginal discharge and clearly examine the cervix area.


Air Pump - 2Kgf/cm

Suctiion -680mmHg

Irrigation Power - 950cc/min'

Spray Device - Automatic, 2 Device

Speculum Warmer - Automatic, 4 Device, 100W

Irrigation Warmer -  Automatic, 1 Device, 200W

Suction Bottle - 2,500cc

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South Korea South Korea /
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Sungyun Cho
3F, 342 Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
IPL+RF Beauty Equipment,Medical Devices,Other Surgical Equipment
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Company introduction

Our challenge will be continued, even now and further, aiming at a researcjh and development to innovate the next new generation medical device with safety, convenience, effectiveness.

2004.OCT. Aprokorea Established

2005.APR. Developed Therapeutic Vaginal Douche Apparatus approved by KFDA.

2006.MAY. Patents on new devices for Medical Vaginal Cleaning and Heating treament Device

2008.JUL. Compant Name Change:Aprokorea Inc.
2008.SEP. Acquired permission for manufacturer of Medical Tools
2008.NOV. KGMP Manufacturing and Quality Managing suitable certificate obtained.

2009.APR. Developed Electrodes for Surgical Unit Approved by KFDA.

2010.JUL. Developed Surgical Unit approved by KFDA.
2010.OCT. Acquired the certificates of CE0120, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

2011.MAY.  Developed Surgical Unit(Model Name : NS-200)
2011.JUN.  Developed Amniotic Fluid Gathering KIT(Passed IRB of SNUH)
2011.OCT.  Developed Electric Warmer(Model Name : AK-35)

2012.APR.  Patent on High Frequency Ablation Electrode
2012.APR.  Developed RF Surgical Unit(Model Name : AK-V4000)
2012.DEC.  Authenticated a Promising Small and Medium-sized Enterprise by Gyeonggi Provincial Government.

APRO KOREA Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-tech products used in the treatment of benign & malignant tumor ablation ,PMG and general surgery. 

APRO KOREA Inc. has consistently developed and advanced on the application of Radio Frequency  Ablation system based on RF frictional heat principle and vaginal cleaning system in Obstetrics /Gynecology over the years. The RFA system is able to apply from general open surgery which needs incision and coagulation for hemostasis to minimally invasive tumor Ablation which treats nodule, tumor at the part of liver, lung, kidney, thyroid, breast and uterine cervix.

In addition to our development efforts, as focusing on developing user-friendly and high tech equipment, we have been supplying our products to the domestic market as well as gradually broadened overseas market.

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