TR Plus Studio flash series

TR Plus Studio flash series

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Product name TR Plus Studio flash series Certification -
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Supply type - HS code 9006610000

Product Information

Separate Control for Each Frequency

Typical Method : the same frequency is controlled by the number of phases. Low independence from outside interference. No complete control of outside interference
New Concept Method : control method with independent frequency assignment. Complete control over outside interference. ZERO fault operation.

One Wireless Transmitter Is All You Need!

In previous products, separate remote controls were needed to control the power on/off and the light intensity, which could become troublesome. In addition, the usage efficiency was very low. To deal with this inconvenience, the brand new Synccue2 allows you to control the power on/off, the light intensity, and the background up/down control with one wireless transmitter

136 units controlled separately with one wireless transmitter!

17 channels x 8 units per channel = 136 separately controlled units in total,

- Studio flash Power On/Off
- studio flash Intensity Control
- Halogen Light Intensity Control
- Studio flash Test
Depending on the shooting environment, a photo studio might be divided into many separate sections for different purposes. In this situation, by enabling group control with a wireless transmitter, the inconvenience of bringing the controller to each studio flash to control the unit is eliminated.

A Studio flash with a Built-in Reception Antenna!

Another Innovative Design with Technical Power: the World’s First RF Equipped studio flash

Some might ask “does a built-in antenna require complex technology?” The reason why most products use external antennas is that the internal noise makes normal control difficult.We controlled internal noise by achieving perfect product stabilization. Experience the performance of TR Plus, reborn with technology that is a step ahead.

Ergonomic Design that Considers the User’s Environment

Careful consideration has been given to the product size, design ratio, experts’ flexibility and the user’s environment, and an analysis has been made of how the considered factors affect the characteristics of light. All of these are incorporated into PhotoDynamic’s case design process, from the stage of material selection

Megajet Engine Technology

High-speed high-quality megajet engine

• Recent CMOS engine of Megajet processes massive amount of data in super-high speed and more quickened performance realise fast continuous shooting, natural operating for users and makes very accurate and plentiful colours into lights. High processing efficiency rate provides set-up storable memory and various functions for personal users so as to cope with various shooting environment.

Special technique only by Photo Dynamic

TR Series Studio Flash product is the best photo graphic solution in the industry suit to professional artists. Because TR Series, is proud of superb quality and accuracy, realise with Megajet engine interface, working time is shortened and terrific performance is realised than ever before as providing new level interaction to artists.

Applying Xenon Tube in order to decrease Digital Artifact

Perkin in Germany for the production of the tube

XENON TUBE and a halogen lamp cooled from high temperatures preventing discolouration caused by changes in light quality, the ceramic base is applied for safe isulation from high voltage.

We put priority on ‘Customer Safety’ and ‘System Performance

The best condenser for photos by Japanese Rubycon

As condenser of Rubycon, world's leading Japanese company, has mounted, stable operation of the power to be able to produce high efficiency and it guarantees high quality light.

Overvoltage and overload short-circuiting preventing circuit built-in

Megajet, by thorough mind-relief planning, protects system from Strobo system’s malfunction and internal problem of Strobo.

Protecting health and the product by eliminating electromagnetic pulse noise

As electric and electronic home appliances are diversified, you may experience the danger of being exposed to electromagnetic pulse, directly or indirectly. Electromagnetic pulse can cause many diseases. In addition, it can cause equipment failure, and has a negative impact on the lifespan of electric and electronic equipment. Due to the utmost importance of electromagnetic pulse protection, an EMI filter has been installed in every PhotoDynamic product to reduce electromagnetic pulse noise, so that health and product lifespan can be protected.

Camera PC flash tuned point of contact circuit protection

The digital camera circuit damage could happen by strobo problem or noise from the line when using synchro code to tune strobo.Megajet strobo is safe as it has circuit which absorbs noise and do stabilising

Studio Flash optimised to Dual System
Protect strobo from the wrong input voltage by using separate strobo and halogen-fuse and prevent accidents might be caused such strobo malfunction by the trickle, overheating or electric shock as solid grounding structure is designed

Cooling Fan stabilising products from high temperature

The best ventilation structure for proper airflow by less-noise. Good air flow by rich air flow and superior cooling effect, so it reduces the problems of the temperature and noise.

Delicate and soft, the interactive CUSTOM FND screen

The New High Quality FND indicator

Prompt reaction soft touch button and sophisticated and delicate FND light is easily usable within shooting.

With a built-in gravity sensor, the display panel will show up right direction
Based on local conditions, flash units are required to be installed in various positions and angles. Sometimes, display panels in such units are difficult to read as they are positioned in wrong directions. To eliminate such difficulties, this unit has a built-in gravity sensor which shows values in right direction at any time

Convenient functional separate button

Megajet is applied to "integrated control" between the studio flash and halogen so as to be able to be used as a single product, and additionally, a separate adjustment and simultaneous adjustment feature provided.

Case made by state-of-the-art technology for digital cameras for professionals

The balance of design, upgrading spaces by each side buttons and custom FND windows layout.

Realisation of accessories’ superb extension and convenience of attached/detached.
Dual anti-slippery device and bending prevention by using "I" bracket
Broad glancing angle which is suitable to any working environment
Convenient fixing method by die-casting stand hold

Heat Analysis Design to Tolerate Multiple Shots

Due to the characteristics of studio flash technology, a high level of heat is generated when multiple shots are taken continuously with a digital camera without breaks. This heat usually influences the life span and/or quality of the product. The air circulation cooling design enables the effective cooling of the product, making stable photo-taking possible during multiple shot sessions.

Studio Flash Specifications

Studio Flash Performance Certification Mark


Spec TR PLUS 400 TR PLUS 600 TR PLUS 800 TR PLUS 1000 TR PLUS 1200
Max.Output 400 600 800 1000 1200
Power range 8~400 11~600 16~800 20~1000 24~1200
F-Range(1m) 8.0~64.0 8.5~64.5 11.1~90.1 11.5~90.5 11.7~90.7
Flash durations(S) 1/2632 1/2381 1/2273 1/1923 1/1724
Control Steps 1~61 step
Dual light Studio flash+halogen light, only Studio light, halogen light
Recycling min/max 0.2~1.2 0.2~1.4 0.2~1.4 0.2~1.4 0.2~1.4
Syncro count 1~99,999,999
Lamp 100~1,000 [W]
Shutter Votage DC 10V
Output deviation ±0.1%
Fuse MAIN 10A, Halogen 10A MAIN 15A, Halogen 10A
Input Votage  
Dimensions 249 x 122 x 123 289 x 122 x 123 324 x 122 x 123
Weight in Kg 2.6 2.8 3.1 3.5 3.7

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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977-1 manchon2- dong, sugun-gu, Daegu, korea
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Lighting Accessories,Other Camera Accessories
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PhotoDynamic started photographic products in 1970 for the first time and has expanded domestic and international market share in photographic apparatus field. We'll do our best in developing the product with highest priority on customer satisfaction all the time through know-how accumulated for 40 years, investment on facility and RnD. We promise you to challenge variously to develop into the integrated brand which is recognized as "worthwhile price, worthwhile product" by the world.

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