Needle Free Injection[Comfort-in]

Needle Free Injection[Comfort-in]

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Mika Medical Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1990
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Needle Free Injection[Comfort-in][Mika Medical Co., Ltd.]

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Pain free syringe with no fear of needles!

Which one is applicable to you?

  • Are you irritated by use of a needle syringe or afraid of it?
  • Are you afraid the needle can sting someone accidentally?
  • You want to start insulin injections but you are afraid of needles?
  • Is it hard to use a pen type injector?
  • Are you getting shots to a certain part of your body only?
  • You need intense insulin management but you don't want insulin prescriptions that need the use of needle injections?
  • Are you afraid of giving a shot to yourself so someone else needs to do it for you?

The best solution for those who are afraid of using needles and who experience pains caused by the following problems pertaining to consistent use of needle injections?

  • Failed sugar control
  • Abnormal fat nutrition=body fat troubles
  • Periodic injection failed
  • Anxiety and reduced quality life
  • Anti sentiment against stronger insulin prescriptions
  • Delaying or rejecting starting of insulin shots

Products features

  • Safety, By useing the Comfort-in syringe, you can avoid unexpected accidents caused by needles(friends, family, nurse). In addition, the needle is always exposed to the risks of infections. You can free yourself from HIV, liver disease or various germs infections.
  • Patient's healthy well being life.
  • Trust, repeated injections but Comfort-in can always transfer the drugs safely to the subcutaneous fat layer.
  • Removal of risks, no scars caused by the use of needles.
  • The best product for those who are afraid of needles.
  • No need to remove the needles exposed to the risk of infection each time.
  • Skin problem with the use of needles is gone.
  • Convenience, Comfort-in injection can be maintained by replacing the nozzle once every other week only.
  • Economical
  • Lower cost than a pen type injection
  • Reduces the blood sugar and diabetes treatment costs.

1) Pending patent(completed in late july)
2) Applied for the food and drug administration (class 2, to be completed by Nov.)
3) Successful tech innovation product

How to use

1) Insert a nozzle to the main body.
2) (If necessary) shake insulin to mix it thoroughly. And insert an adaptor to the insulin bottle.
3) Mount the adaptor with an insulin bottle attached to the nozzle. Let it stand vertically and using a lever, move insulin to the nozzle. At this time, observer the scales on the nozzle to adjust the amount.
4) Holding the adaptor, remove it from the nozzle. Place a storage cap on the nozzle contact area of the adaptor.
5) Press the safety release button.
6) Hold the affected area. Make a perpendicular contact between your syringe and the cross section of the affected area and inject Comfort-in.

-Tip : Hold the Comfort-in and maintain the 90 degrees with respect to the affected area. Inject all the necessary amounts. Maintain the same position for about 3 seconds after the injection.




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Mika Medical Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1990
Business type


93, Noksansaneopjung-Ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea
Product Category
Emergency & Clinics Apparatus,Medical Consumables,Medical Devices
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Our company, MIKA MEDICAL Co. was established in 1990 as a manufacturer in a field of medical products in South Korea.

Since then, we have been rapidly expanding and growing our business by exporting our products to over 40 countries.


Our products named Comfort-in (Needle free injection system) and PHIL-CAST & PHIL-SPLINT are a kind of orthopedic casting tape and easy splint. We are manufacturing our product 100% in KOREA.

The superior quality of our products is well known by our partners all over the world.


Especially, we are producing under control by CE, FDA, GMP, ISO9001-2000, so we convince you our best qualitative products. In addition we have got KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)

Guarantee Brand Seal.

We will continue to produce the highest quality products through consistent investment of R&D.

We would like to let you know our products' range in detail.

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South Korea South Korea

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