Automatic Sorting Machine

Automatic Sorting Machine

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Daeyang Softgel boasts its accumulated state-of-art technology with DY-S series (DY-S6/S12). This is the equipment that automatically sorts out possible defects in soft gelatin capsule after production. The size can be freely adjusted for sorting work with high precision.


Model DY-S6 DY-S12
Function Automatic sorting according to diameter
Product Pharmaceutical industry : Soft gelatin capsule (round, oval, oblong type)
Sorting By capsule diameter
Sorting precision ±0.1mm diameter / ±0,05mm thickness
Sorting limit size 0 ~ 24mm
Weight 460Kg 670Kg
Electric power 0.6 ~ 1.2Kw, depending on model
Capacity approx. 120,000 ~ 420,000 products/hour approx. 240,000 ~ 800,000 products/hour
Dimension 2,000(W) x 1,400(L) x 1,640(H) 2,000(W) x 2,160(L) x 2,170(H)

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Shawn Cheon
303-303, ECO TOWN, Sinjang-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do [465-030] Korea
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