L-BEAM (Professional Long pulse Nd:YAG)

L-BEAM (Professional Long pulse Nd:YAG)

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beauty equipment, hair removal, laser equipment, nd yag
Beauty Equipment , Industry Laser Equipment & Parts
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Grand Medix

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type
Trading Company
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Category Beauty Equipment
Industry Laser Equipment & Parts
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** What is L-BEAM?


L-BEAM is developed as Long Pulse Nd:YAG Laser that has 1064nm wavelength. And L-BEAM has gas cooling system which makes skin surface cool down by 20 degrees’ Celsius so that it could prevent any kind of side effects perfectly. And also L-BEAM is simply and clearly designed for users to control the controlling element easily and adopts Touch Controller.





** Key Features


1064nm Wavelength  Long Pulse Nd: YAG

-Permanent hair reduction on all skin types
-Skin tightening & fine winkle reduction
-Vascular lesions
-Facial veins

Hair Removal 

L-beam treats all skin types and hairs of  any size and color, with the exception of gray hairs. L-beam offers high fluence range, up to 15mm spot sizes making it the largest spot size in the market today, and elevated repetition rate up to 10 Hz per second allow to carry out every type of treatment quickly and easily. This is ideally suited for larger areas like legs, thighs, and back.



Vascular treatmet   

The 1064nm wavelength enables treatment of different gauge vessels located at different depths in the derma. This treats a wide range of lesions on the face, trunk, and the legs in particular(telangiectasiasangioma, and varicose vein).




Skin rejuvenation

L-beam is a state – of – the – art  laser system for skin rejuvenation. It removes wrinkles, acne redness, melasma, and photo damaged skin. 1064 nm wavelength can easily penetrate in the skin down to 4mn. L-beam make a high level of thermal heating and coagulation in the skin.  L-beam, the latest in the skin rejuvenation solutions, produces fabulous results through excellent generation of new collagen and skin remodeling. No need for  cooling or anesthesia, Since there is no pain nor downtime, patients can apply cosmetics immediately after treatment.




Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) cooling system

DCD cooling system eliminates patient downtime by preventing purpura, or bruising.




Wide Zoom Handpiece

Wide zoom handpiece offers a wide range of spotsizes from 2mm to 15mm eliminating the necessity to switch handpieces in the middle of treatments which produces effective and efficient removal of unwanted facial and body hair.




- Spot Size

L-BEAM adopted a new hand piece technique and is designed for users to easily control the laser’s spot size.  * Wide zoom handpiece  ( 2 ~ 15mm )


- Low maintenance expenses

1) No need to change hand piece and optical fiber.

2) Short surgical procedure time and low risk of break.

3) Hardly breaks due to using Sapphire lenses.







Irradiation Type Opic Fiber  Long Pulse Nd:YAG
Wave Length 1064nm
Pulse Duration Max 50ms (3 Pulses)
Frequency Max 10Hz (Genesis Mode)
Cooling System Gas cooling
Spot Size 2mm ~ 15mm
Maximum Energy 100J
Dimension 850x350x900 (D*W*H)






The controlling element of L-BEAM is very simple and clear. It is used by 4 programs and all of them use touch screen method.


1)     Vascular        - Vascular Removal Mode

2)     Hair                - Hair Removal Mode

3)     Rejuvenation - Skin Rejuvenation Mode

4)     Micro Cell       – Fractional Mode ( Use it after changing handpiece)


5)     Genesis Mode : Genesis Technique is a multi-purpose laser procedure, and is effective for the following surgical procedures: Face lifting, Acne redness, Flushing, Skin texture & tone etc.

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Grand Medix

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type
Trading Company



Kim Jinwoo
201,Kumho Uwoolim Tower, 49, Guro5-dong, Guro-gu,Seoul,Korea
Product Category
Beauty & Personal Care,Facial Care,Industry Laser Equipment & Parts
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

Grand Medix was established in 2007, Seoul, Korea and our main products are hair growth & anti hair loss shampoo, hair growth tonic, skin care products, beauty equipment and PDO thread(Lifting thread for face and body-breasts, hip-up, obesity treatment, hair loss treatment etc)

Thanks to the high demand for our products, we are now exporting our goods to Singapore, Malaysia, England, Russia, Spain, Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech republic, Hungray, Slovakia, Latvia & India and had participated in 2013 & 2014 Hong Kong Cosmo Prof(Internationally famous beauty exhibition, held in November ,Wanchai) and got thousands of interest from buyers all over the world!

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