[Hair Care] Hair Dyeing Brush-coating Color Hair

[Hair Care] Hair Dyeing Brush-coating Color Hair

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Hair Dye

Hair Friend Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2006
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Product Information

According to the Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information data analysis worldwide in August 2009 approximately 300 patents and pending patent registration, it is thought that dyeing hair is generalized. As a result, the necessity of dyeing comb is greater than before. However, as discovered by survey, similar things to the patented things by hair friend cannot be found

  • Creativity: Uniform hair dyeing is available without stains since this product combines Korean traditional fine tooth comb with hairdye.
  • Convenience: Various teeth of comb can be equipped depending on head shape.
  • Cleanliness: The product is cleaned when rinsing under running water after use.
  • Safety: There is no risk of explosion by keeping hairdye and nitrogen separately in pouch pack of can. Moreover, this product is eco-friendly.

Our products does not leak into outside of combing section. Thus, you can control accurately hair dyeing section as hair dyeing is evenly and thoroughly done. You can also select teeth of comb and color that are suitable for you. After use, the remaining hair dye can be carried or reused by separating from the brush.

Product Difference

  1. This product is unique to Korea in the form of traditional fine-toothed bamboo comb, handy the teeth of a comb different from other foreign countries and light and convenient to use.
  2. Can select different the teeth of a comb, depending on hair style.
  3. By using pouch pack and nitrogen gas, dyeing liquid and gas are stored separately.
    So it is effective to keep for a long time. In spite of combing up and down or tight and left or rotatively, it is possible to dye evenly. It is safe from fire and explosion hazard due to using nitrogen gas. Unlike DME gas and LPG gas. It is effective for saving energy and money and does not cause any environmental pollution from gas emission, therefore eco-friendly.
  4. Acquired GD mark in 2009 and visual effect can satisfy consumer needs due to its beautiful design.

Product Excellence

This product holds a patent and PCT international search report (novelty, advancement etc.) received four stars and international patents pending in 4 countries such as the United States, China, Japan and India

  1. It is semi-permanent comb and the two sides of teeth of comb pointing to in the middle, from inverse triangle shape's both ends of teeth of comb, dye liquid is released which makes it possible to dye hair just above scalp, dyeing liquid does not touch scalp. As a result, it reduces the side effects of dyeing liquid. As dyeing liquid is released within hair in a teeth of comb, dyeing liquid does not leak out and flow down to the skin.
  2. Due to a dense toothed bamboo comb, natural color hair with no stains can be produced.
  3. Around the face or the skin and hair can be dyed separately and the starting and ending point can be finished accurately.
  4. By pressing the button moderately and slowly, the entire portion of the hair as well as desired portion can be dyed accurately on my own. The product is light and convenient, in addition, as separation and carrying are simple, the rest of the dyeing liquid is easy to use anytime, anywhere.

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Hair Friend Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2006
Business type
Ko Hee Suk
#101 Daewon Villa 2329-1, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
Product Category
Hair Brush,Hair Dye,Brush
Year Established
Company introduction
Hair Friend Corporation develops its high-end technology, superior quality and service including convenience, efficiency applying to our traditional fine-tooth comb and beautiful design inspired by the graceful figure of a woman who is combing her hair.

It will also implement research and development in order to meet the needs of customers and seek overseas expansion.

It will be certain to create a bright and sound corporate culture and high-quality products through honest and clean management as a small but capable company to attract the utmost interest from customers.

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