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5 World Fourth Generation Institute Co., Ltd.


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level1

Response Rate 50%

Main products Music Link S (WFG-200)
Bluetooth Wireless (WFG-100)

Product Information

Experience a wireless sound world through the "Music Link S"

What is the WFG-200 used for?

  • No more using headphones when you listen to music in Smartphone and MP3
    - Just to connect a bluetooth capable smartphone or MP3 player to " Music Link S".
  • Is the stereo in your living room useless vecause you don't have a CD?
    - If you have a "Misic Link S", you can enjoy your choice of music.
  • Each of them enjoy wateching movies or listening to music freely.
    - Just register our product once.

The distinctive design features of the "Music Link S"

  • Modem design : Simpified connection of audio output to powered speakers.
  • LED lamp notification : Quickly see status of Music Link S.
  • Music Link S goes with any audio component on the top.
  • Small and compact. the size of a coin.
  • Rests safely and securely on a metal base.

WFG-200 "Music Link S" Usage

  1. Press the power button.
  2. Search the bluetooth devices listed in your smartphone and then to connect to "Music Link S".
  3. Play your choice of music

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