(Pororo) Almond Flakes

(Pororo) Almond Flakes

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Ssial Food
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almond flakes, cereal, corn plaesure, rice flakes
Snacks , Corn & Wheat , Health Care Supplement
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Ssial Food Inc.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name (Pororo) Almond Flakes Certification -
Category Snacks
Corn & Wheat
Health Care Supplement
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Product Information

(Pororo) Almond Flakes


The product contains fresh almonds (12.5%) and honey. The flakes are roasted, not fried up.


  • Use of sun-dried salt produced in Shinan-gun.
    All the Ssiallo products use only 100% sun-dried salt locally produced in Shinan-gun, not general refined salt. We think of health more and try to keep the unique taste of cereal products a lot better.

  • Addition of anchovy calcium from the clean Southern Sea
    As Ssiallo products contain natural calcium extracted from fermented anchovies of the Southern Sea, they also provide a lot of nutrients.

  • Nutrients of locally produced grains
    Ssallo products contain not only locally grown cereal, such as rice, barley, wheat, oats, brown rice, red ginseng and milk vetch root, but also other healthy ingredients available in Korea, thus enabling you to enjoy its rich and healthy taste.

  • 9 vitamins and minerals to provide balanced nutrition
    As Ssiallo products contain 9 vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium, eating them during mealtimes will provide sufficient and balanced nutrients for teens in their growth period and also for adults.

  • Zero trans fat and zero cholesterol
    Trans fat 0g and cholesterol 0mg. All Ssiallo products are carefully and meticulously processed.


  • 310g, 580g


  • Shelf life : 1 year from the manufactured date
  • Storage and handling : Once opened, the products should be kept sealed and placed in a dry and cool area because cereal products are vulnerable to moisture and harmful insects.

※ There is a fresh tape that can be kept fresh grain remaining.

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Ssial Food Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Sang Bum Lee
85, Bio Valley 1-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk 390-250, Korea
Product Category
Corn & Wheat,Health Care Supplement,Snacks
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Company introduction

Company Introduction
Ssiallo contains specially processed grains with a natural taste for healthy goodness. Ssiallo, Korean cereal product, is carefully distilled from the fruits of years-long research and technological development. We make our products with our independent, royalty free technology.

Cereal (Rice Flakes, Corn Flakes, Almond Flakes, Five Grains Chocoropin etc.)

Item Description
1. Ssiallo products use sun-dried Korean salt, not refined salt.
2. Ssiallo products contain calcium from anchovies, boasting a rich,
natural taste.
3. Ssiallo cereals are made using rice, barley, red ginseng and sweet vetch grown in Korea.
4. Nutritious ingredients with 9 vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium.
5. No trans fats or cholesterol.

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