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    NOTEPACK l CR40100MT

    * Specification

    Input Voltage


    Output Voltage

    common for 16V / 19V


    14.8V 10,000mAh (148Wh)


    18(H) x 211(D) x 223(W)mm



    Major Features

    With selectable output voltages 16V and 19V and a high capacity of battery in slim design, this is suitable for use with any notebook.

    • 3 kinds of capacity are available (119Wh, 133Wh and 148Wh,)
    • Usable with various devices working at 5V, 8V or 12V in case separate genders are used With using a separate gender, this NOTEPACK can be used for longer time by fixing the voltage switch at 16V.

    * Option
    Optional genders for use with a wide variety of devices.

    • Gender 1642D with output voltage 4.2V - for use with general mobile phones with 24 pin connector
    • Gender 1650D with output voltage 5.0V - for use with smart phones,tablet PC's,MP3's,PDA's and PMP's etc
    • Gender 1684D with output voltage 8.4V - for use with digital cameras, camcorders and thermal vests etc.
    • Gender 1612D with output voltage 12V - for use with netbooks and navigation systems etc.
    • Gender 1619S with output voltage 19V - for use with notebook PC's and portable amplifiers etc.

    * Features

    • NOTEPACk is a lithum-ion battery pack
    • NOTEPACK is equiped with protection circuits(PCM) protecting it from over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit.
    • NOTEPACK has a function to display the remaining battery
    • NOTEPACK is lighter and has loner life comparing to its capacity
      (usable more than 500 times of recharge and discharge)
    • NOTEPACK has the output of 5V, 12V, 16V or 19V depending on the model.
    • NOTEPACK can be used with any device as it has a very large output current at each output voltage.
    • NOTEPACK is certified by KC, CE and RoHS.

    * Applications

    >> Many power PC users have felt that the capacity of the built-in battery of a notebook PC is not long enough lasting for only about 2 hours at the time of purchase and being reduced to less than 1 hour after use for the first 6 months NOTEPACK is an external lithum-ion battery pack developed for many notebook PC users who are suffering from the short battery lifetime of the built-in battery and also who want to use their notebook PC for longer hours even in the place where the power is not available.

    >> In the event that you purchase a 2nd battery for longer use of the PC but that you, unfortunately, want to upgrade your notebook PC to other brand due to some reason, both batteries become useless in the new notebook PC in most cases. On the contrary, NOTEPACK can be used with any notebook PC regardless of brand as the NOTEPACK is designed to use with most of notebook PC's on the shelf.

    >> In addition, when the full charged battery of a smart phone or a tablet PC is running out in the middle of enjoying conversation, internet, movie or video game in the subway train, you can continue what you are doing by charging the battery anywhere as long as you have a NOTEPACK and a suitable gender

    >> For example,

    1. When enjoying watching 2 movies continuously played by built-in CD player to the notebook PC in the airplane, train or ship during overseas trip.
    2. When the presentation is required by a instructor for a long time using a notebook PC
    3. When the broadcast relays are needed for a long time by a correspondent using a camcorder and a notebook PC
    4. When the civil engineering survey or survey on the base station in the high place where no power is available is performed by engineers using surveying instruments and a notebook PC
    5. When an outdoor event is performed using a portable amplifier or a mini beam projector
    6. When enjoying games or music for a long time by students or company workers using a smart phone in the subway train
    7. NOTEPACK is now an external battery widely used as an additional power source for the LED lanterns, flash lights and thermal vests during the nighttime mountain training and in the RND centers, hospitals, universities, forest and fire stations and a lot of companies including construction companies, broadcasting stations and elctronic companies etc.
    >> Therefore, this NOTEPACK can be widely used in wireless and various multimedia audio products including, but not limited to, smart phones, notebook PC's, tablet PC's, mini-beam projectors, digital cameras, camcorders,navigation systems,DMB's, MP3's, PDA's, PMP's, DVR's, LED lanterns, flash lights, radios, video phones, portable amplifiers, portable air cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, cordless mikes, electron microscopes, electric sprayers, civil surveying equipments, thermal vests, thermal gloves or thermal shoes etc.

    * Applications
    All battery products include a charger, a connection cable, and 7 kinds of multi-tips.

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      306-1 Bundang Techno Park C, 744 Pangyoro bundang gu, seongnam city gyeonggi-do KOREA

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      LED Lighting,Mobile Phone Accessories,Battery Packs,Rechargeable Batteries,Storage Batteries

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    • Company introduction

      Founded in 1996, URIMKOREA has been developing LED LIGHT, SOLAR, Li-ion battery pack, and PCM, and has a lot of certificates and patents from many countries such as IS0 9001, UL, CE, PSE, and KC.

      In its product groups, there are LED LIGHT, SOLAR PANEL, LI-ION BATTEY PACK,and GENDER.In particular, LED LIGHT which can be used at home or in a mountainous area with no electricity for more than 10 hours and external LI-ION batteries which can be used for more than 5 hours for notebooks in an office with no electricity are the prides of our company.

      Besides, INVERTER with which a refrigerator can be used for 2~4 hours during the blackout is equipped with LI-ION batteries. This is the best of our technologies. 

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