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Eco Korea

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South Korea South Korea / 2013
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Product name Battery Booster[Battery Recovery Device] Certification -
Category Chargers
Other Auto Electronics
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Keyword auto accessory , autoparts , battery , energe Unit Size -
Brand name Battery Booster Unit Weigh 200 g
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Supply type - HS code 8543

Product Information


Product Introduction

Attached to two terminals ((+) and (-)) of a battery, this product uses PULSE wave form to remove sulfides (sulfate), which are detrimental to the performance and service life of the battery, in order to maintain the battery in an optimum state, enhance power, reduce noise, and extend the life of the engine.

Car battery will be sulfated after use, the Battery Booster will remove the sulphate so that keep the battery in good condition. After install Battery Booster, battery life can extend 3 times more, which means no need to change the battery.

◆Why good to install it?
1. Extend battery life to 3 times more.
2. Save 3~5% fuels (gasoline)
3. Engineer run stable and improve the power of engine.
4. Keep power output stable to device in car such as Light, AC, Bluetooth, GPS, DVD, Ratio, CD ......

◆Why save fuel?
1. Keep car spark plug power in good condition, car power is 12V, but spark plug need 25000V, means if battery power output less 0.1V, power to spark plug less 200V, means will decrease the fuel combustion. Install Battery Booster will keep spark plug always to work in the right power.
2. Decrease car generator work power so that to save the fuel.

◆How to install?
It is easy DIY, just stop the car, the Battery Booster black wire (-) to car battery negative pole (-), red wire (+) to battery postivie pole (+).
This is made in Korea. LED display to show operating status, auto power off when car power off.

◆ Beneficial functions of the product
1. Reduced performance of a battery in long-term usage shall be recovered and battery shall maintain its optimum state.
2. Vehicle power (engine power) shall be enhanced.
3. Extension of a battery service life more than three times without replacement requirement for a long time.
4. Enhanced battery performance reduces the required charging current and thereby reduces the load on an alternator (generator), which results in reduced fuel consumption, although little.
5. Enhanced power state of the vehicle reduces errors in the opening/closing time of an injector to prevent unnecessary fuel injections and thereby protects the engine and reduces fuel consumption, though little. In addition, reduced exhaust gas protects the environment from pollution.
6. Enhanced battery performance increases absorption ability of surge to guarantee smooth operation and life extension of a range of electronic parts of the vehicle.
7. Headlights of the vehicle becomes brighter and the service life of a range of electric bulbs are extended.
8. Mitigates impact to an automatic transmission operation to guarantee smooth operation and life extension of the transmission.

◆ Installation method of the product
1. Clean the upper part of the battery and detach protection liner of dual adhesive tape on the rear side of the product and attach the product to the cleaned part of the battery.
2. At first, connect (-) cord (black) of the product to the (-) terminal of the battery, and the next (+) cord (red color) of the product with the (+) terminal of the vehicle’s battery. Connect the cords while avoiding repeated instant contact to the battery terminal.
3. When the two cords of (-), (+) of the product are connected with a vehicle’s battery, current voltage of the battery is shown on the function display.

◆ Notices
1. This product shall not be installed while turning on the vehicle’s ignition. (The ignition must be off before installation.)
2. When a battery charger is used, connect this product with the battery prior to connecting the charger to power.
3. When a battery is being charged with a charger, a voltage drop may occur from a malfunction of the battery, and only when the battery voltage reaches 13.5V, after a certain period of time, this product shall operate normally.
4. For reference, a 10-A fuse is used for this product.
5. If “ACTIVE LAMP” LED is not blinking while the function display is displaying “14” after turning on the vehicle’s ignition with the product installed, it implies that polarities are mismatched. Separate this product and check the fuse and reinstall the product with matching polarities. (Wrong connection of polarities may cause malfunction.)
6. If there is no sign when the ignition is turned on, first check the fuse and then check whether the battery is discharged fully or not.
7. When the function display figure does not go up to “14” after the vehicle’s engine is started, please wait for about 10 minutes. If it does not go up even after 10 minutes, please confirm the condition of the alternator.
8. If “15” or “16” appears on the function display, it implies an overcharge of the battery because of the alternator being overpowered. Separate this product from the battery immediately and check the condition of the alternator.
This phenomenon is not related to this product and an alternator being overpowered because of malfunction may exert serious impact on a battery and other electronic parts or equipment.

◆ Operations of the installed product
* Actual voltage of the vehicle battery is measured at about 40 minutes past power stop.
1. When this product is installed on a battery, the ACTIVE LED begins blinking and the current voltage appears on the function display.
2. A figure below “11” shown on the function display implies charging is required.
3. A figure over “11” shown on the function display implies good condition of the battery.
4. When the vehicle’s engine installed with the product is started, “14” is shown on the function display. The figure “14” may appear a little later based on the condition of the battery.
5. When the engine’s ignition is not turned on after the initial installation of the product, operation of the product stops after 30 seconds to preserve the battery current.
6. When the vehicle’s power stops, this product stops simultaneously to prevent discharging of the battery.

◆ Battery conditions under which this product works to recover its performance
1. A certain quantity of electrolyte must remain in the battery. (Refer to a display of electrolyte quantity)
2. A certain quantity of current and voltage for a vehicle’s engine ignition must remain in the battery.

◆ Battery conditions under which this product cannot work to recover its performance
1. Deformed or damaged battery case, which makes the battery impossible to use.
2. A severely corroded plate element of a battery that is falling apart or broken.
3. The electrolyte of the battery is too spoiled to perform its function normally.
4. A battery without any current.
5. A battery with electrolyte leaking out of the damaged case.
6. A severely damaged battery because of overvoltage.
Model : DT-B1/EK-B24
size : 10 X 7.8 X 2.3Cm
weight : 145g
Material : Polycarbonate, ABS resin
Components: body, double-sided tape, manual, fuse
Warranty: free for 1 year

◆ Others
1. The actual voltage of a battery is measured once at about 40 minutes after the vehicle’s engine is turned off.
2. Charging voltage flowing in from an alternator (generator) of the vehicle must not be over 15V.
3. Battery voltage rises up to 14 volts after turning on the ignition of the vehicle.
4. After a certain period (approximately one week) of service from installation of the product, the battery performance shall be recovered and maintain its state.
5. Do not put DC over 15 V or AC through this product.
6. Damages due to the mishandling of the product shall not be covered by our company.
7. This product shall be installed only in a vehicle loaded with one lead battery of 12V.

* Recover battery performance
* Maintain static-voltage
* Voltage display of battery and alternator


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Eco Korea

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2013
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Lee Donchang
No 11, Bizwell Business Center,701/702, Sangdong Plaza,109, Sangdong-ro, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea
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Car Care Products,Other Car Accessories
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Company introduction

Companies that are environmentally- Eco Korea Safeguard the environment and eco-Korea car exhaust and journalists interested in the development of eco-power contributes to reducing vehicle emissions. Waste of a car battery is also polluting the environment, and what an enormous waste of resources attached to direct attention to a car battery that can be used to develop performance devices have been recovered. Eco Korea is We think the future of the environment and human thought as the company spur further research and development can contribute to the development of mankind promises to grow into a company.

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