LED Camp Lantern/Mini Flashlight/Bike Light

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bicycle light, led lantern, mini flashlight, camping lantern
LED Lighting , Other Outdoor Lighting , Portable Lighting
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Lycanthrope Inc

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2013
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Product name LED Camp Lantern/Mini Flashlight/Bike Light Certification -
Category LED Lighting
Other Outdoor Lighting
Portable Lighting
Ingredients -
Keyword bicycle light , led lantern , mini flashlight , camping lantern Unit Size -
Brand name Lycanthrope Unit Weigh 121 g
origin South Korea Stock -
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Product Information




Name: Monster Eye

Color: Black/Red

Size: 37 x 40 x 100(140)mm

Light: Cree r3 White LED

Battery: 1.5V AAA x 3EA(purchase separately)

Weight: 121g(Battery included)

Brightness: 130 Lumen

Function: 100~50% extension / Power saving mode / Zoom In-Out / Waterproof(daily life)

Usage Time: 8 hours / 100 hours (Maximum / Minimum Brightness)


3 Way Functioning Multi Usage Flashlight

1. Flashlight

- It can be used as a mini flashlight after being compressed by a simple push.  

- Perfect and adequate for bicycle lights due to its small size

2. Area Light

- Can be used for exploring

- Can be used for lighting a moderate area 

3. Camping Lantern

- Best use for inner tents



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Lycanthrope Inc

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2013
Business type



Sun Hwee Myung
Jegi-dong, 1158-20,N 201, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
BBQ,Camping,Portable Lighting
Year Established
Company introduction

Lycan started from the philosophy and the will to practice it of wild explorer, backpack traveler, camping enthusiast who seek even lighter and innovative equipments. Light but safe multifunctional idea outdoor is the most active behaviour of product developer, who enjoys outdoor, can fulfill. Lycan pursuits primitive wildness like the image of werewolf. If your backpack is light, your body and mind become lighter and can enjoy the nature even deeper and wider. For human to return to primarily existed nature, we have to blend in slowly, quietly and small. Lycan provides lowering and minifying innovative solution for me entering the nature. OUR PHILOSOPHY Lycan has product manufacturing philosophy of maximized functionality in minimized size. We develop different kinds of products packed into backpacks by finding more innovative technology and idea to manufacture products that maximize activity and utility.

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Japan Japan

South Korea South Korea

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