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Other Mobile Phones & Accessories
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1. No More Low Quality Films Which Lower the Definition of a Display Screen.
Now, cast the prejudice aside that you could have the best definition without attaching a screen protector film on a smartphone display screen. If you are not satisfied at existing screen protector films which have been reducing visual quality, then you will surely need a HD real glass -- FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM.
2. With 100% Real Glass, Clearer and Sharper Images as if Not Wearing a Film.
FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM is not a typical glass film of a low quality. It is a 100% real glass high quality film with a high transmittance and the best definition as attaching another display screen on your smartphone screen.
3. Tempered Glass with a 9H Surface Hardness is Hard as a Diamond.
FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM with a 9H surface hardness, which is close to the 10H surface hardness of diamond, prevents damaging and scratching on your screen by absorbing shocks. It prevents your smartphone perfectly from the scratching of daily life.
4. Relieve Anxiety against Corruption by Attaching a High Intense Screen on Your Smartphone Screen.
Don’t worry about the expensive cost of repairs caused by frequent screen damages. FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM which perfectly protects your smartphone screens is the best insurance to prevent the burden of screen damages and expensive repair costs at the same time.
5. 0.23mm ULTRA GLASS FILM with the Super Precision Glass Processing
0.23mm FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM, which has been compressed in the ultra-thin glass processing technology of FIX, has better transmission, definition, tactile impression and any other aspects compared to other typical 0.4mm glass films. The best contact force and the thickness which is similar to general high quality films make you not feel any incompatibility
6. High Sensitivity Film, Reducing Thickness and Enhancing the Tactile Impression,
With a smooth glass texture, you can feel a great fluidity, an excellent sense of touch screen and a rapid reactivity.

7. With the Function of Blocking Irregular Reflection and Having High Permeability, the Clear Picture Quality Feels Like Nothing Attached.
FIX found the solution to the disadvantages of a low-cost film which makes your smartphone screens cloudy and blurry because of diffused reflection. FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM provides high penetration and a clear screen as if putting a transparent glass on your screen. Now enjoy your smartphone screen as the original definition.
8. Minimize Distortion on Screen to Decrease Eyestrain
FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM provides the high- penetration ratio nearly 100%, minimizing the screen distortion and rainbow phenomenon which occurred by cheapie film. FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM prevents eyestrain and amblyopia from smartphone screen.
9. Oleophobic Coating Protective Film Prevents Pollution and Keep a Clean Screen
Oleophobic coating function, which blocked stain such like oil and finger print, provides fresh usage and clean screen. Water drop which is not scattered on the screen can prove the strong coating function.
10. Soft & Smooth Touching Anywhere on the Screen with +R CUT Rounding
The edge of the real glass which might be sharp is trimmed with +R CUT skill to increase the soft -touching and grip feeling. It is the consider of FIX for customers to feel soft & smooth touching anywhere on the smartphone screen.

11. Anti - Scattering Skill with the Prevention of Glass Scattering
FIX’s Anti – scattering skill prevents glass scattering. It prevents injury and accident from fragment and erases the film safely.
12. Highly Efficient Special Silicone - Gluing Agent for Keeping Performance and Quality Permanently.
FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM does not use the cheapie gluing agent which can be separated and transformed easily. FIX uses the highly efficient special silicone – gluing agent which can stand under changeable temperature and environment, so film can be kept for a long time.
13. Easy to Attach Even for the Inexperienced People
FIX uses the special gluing agent, so it can reuse and decrease the damage. It minimizes the bubble, so anyone can attach easily.
01. Clean the screen
02. Remove the attached side film
03. After put the film on the screen, fix the exact direction
04. Push the center of film slightly then attached on whole screen easily.
* Tiny air bubble will disappear after 1~2 days.
14. The Possibility of Declining Occurred by Static Electricity Is 0%!
Electricity devices always have risks occurred by static electricity. FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM blocks static electricity and also prevents the component damage. Dust and pollution attaching through static electricity cannot be attached on the FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM, so smart phone will clean and fresh always.
15. 100% Domestic Skill, Proud of FIX Strong Glass Skill
Made in Korea, Made in FIX,
Extremely sensitive strong glass skill is 100% domestic skill and provides high reliability. FIX‘s full hearted strong glass skill can be proved by FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM.
16. Components of FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM
FIX ULTRA GLASS FILM 1EA, Ethanol tissue, Microfiber cleaner
Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy NOTE 2, Galaxy NOTE 3, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C
LG G2, LG G Pro 2, LG G3/G3 Cat6, Vega Secret Note, Vega Secret UP, Vega Iron2, Experia Z2, 
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy NOTE 4, Galaxy S6, LG G4

Like a Strong and Transparent Diamond,
Strong and Transparent Your Smartphone


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Human Works

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
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Min Gyu Park
F3, 418, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
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