Mobile DVR (CCTV for vehicles) XVR-2000

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8 Xenovo Co., Ltd

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    Mobile DVR (CCTV for vehicles) XVR-2000

    │ Description │

    XVR-2000 is an automotive video recording device that can be used for various purposes:
    1. To understand causes, scales, and conditions of accidents and set accident prevention strategies.
    2. To prevent reckless driving by supervising drivers’ conducts and behaviors.
    3. To reduce expenses on fines for reckless driving and speeding.
    4. To collect data for personnel placement of drivers and for educational references.
    5. To ensure drivers’ safety against aggressive passengers.
    Ruggedized design of the DVR makes it suitable for all types of Vehicles

    │ Function │

    1. Use of Mass storage Device : Mass storage HDD, SSD provide more than 7 day Full Time storage (when 8fps, Quality Medium is applied)
    2. Front HD Camera : High quality video is available through front HD camera
    3. Car Audio Standards Adopted : Easy mounting due to car audio device standards adopted
    4. Live Video Monitoring : Live video monitoring via wired or wireless communication
    5. VOD : Search, view & storage of video via wired or wireless communication
    6. Real-time Transmission of Driving Records : Transmission of vehicle speed, location, running state, etc. via communication network to a remote server
    7. Transmission of Event Video : Automatic transmission to the server & storage of generated live event video designated by the vehicle sensor or the driver
    8. Two-way Communication : Real-time two-way communication with a remote control server

    │ Feature │

    1. Clear & Sharp Image through Front HD Camera
     •Million pixel HD camera
     •Better vehicle plate number recognition comparing to other standards
     •Self back-up memory function (optional)

    2. Live-mode video surveillance (3G, 4G / Wi-Fi)
     •Live Streaming & VOD function
     •Video surveillance service through surveillance server
     •Analysis of driver’s driving habits

    3. Automatic check-up of camera and recording status through wireless network
     •Detection of the loss of the video caused by the damage of the device during an accident
     •Daily (occasional) wireless transmission of the recorded video as a still image to the office
     •Check-up of recording status of each camera of each vehicle (when interlocked with Xenovo Wi-Fi Digital Tachograph)

    4. Interlocking with Digital Tachograph

    │ Specification │

    Category XVR-2000 (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G)
    5 CH 8 CH
    Video Format NTSC / PAL NTSC / PAL
    Video Input / Output 5 CH / 1 CH 8 CH / 1 CH
    Compression H.264 H.264
    Display Resolution 720 *480 720 *480
    Speed Analog Analog
    Real-Time Real-Time
    Recording Resolution 1CH (HD) 1CH (HD), 3CH (VGA)
    4CH (VGA) 4CH (QVGA)
    Speed Total 60fps (HD) Total 60fps (HD)
    Device HDD (2.5“ SATA) HDD (2.5“ SATA)
    Device SD SD
    File Saved i-Frame Video Saved i-Frame Video
    Extended Interface RS 232 RS 232
    Sensor Input/Output 1 CH / 1 CH 1 CH / 1 CH
    Voice Output 1 CH (phone jack) 1 CH (phone jack)
    Storage / Operat.
    -40 ℃ ~ 80℃ -40 ℃~ 80℃
    / 0℃ ~ 60℃ / 0℃ ~ 60℃
    Operating Voltage DC 12V ~ 24 V DC 12V ~ 24 V

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    8 Xenovo Co., Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Ho Soon, Choi

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      #1307, Megadong, SKnTechno-Park (Sangdaewondong 190-1), 124 Saggimaggol-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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      Auto Electronics,Car Cameras & Navigation,Vehicle Equipment,Other Auto Electronics,Vehicle Repair Equipments

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    • Company introduction

      Our products include digital tachographs (data loggers), digital video recording devices and other logistics solutions. Xenovo seeks to break the convention of OEM development/production and to create new value from our experiences and know-hows for our customers.
      For the last few years, Xenovo has concluded numerous supply contracts of certified digital tachographs, and high-quality automotive DVR (CCTV). We are also trying to extend the breadth of our technology, and we also developed logistics SCCM devices.
      With digital tachograph and other peripheral automotive devices, Xenovo attempts to prepare for the age of intelligent automobiles. In order to get customer confidence and satisfaction, we will do our best in creating values based on our expertise in the automotive products, technologies, and diverse experiences.

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      • South Korea South Korea
      • U.S.A U.S.A
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