Portable VR glasses, VR headset, VR Viewer Nabi

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vr, virtual reality, vr headset, vr glasses,
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14 Mocomtech Co.,Ltd.

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    Product name Portable VR glasses, VR headset, VR Viewer Nabi Certification -
    Category Other Mobile Phones & Accessories
    Virtual Reality
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    The most convenient way to enjoy a virtual experience


    Portable POCKET VR Viewer NABI

    ♦ Light-weighted

    ♦ Fold-able

    ♦ Wide viewing angle



    Experience Immersive VR anytime, anywhere

    Fold-able lens plates with a board of focal length

    World’s smallest and Ultra-light-weighted pocket VR viewer

    Patented in USA (NO 9,804,401) and S. Korea (10-1913887)

    WWGC (Work with google Cardboard) certified


    Smart & compact design

    Size compared to a conventional HMD: 1/14 of the weight, and only 1/34 of the volume.


    Great Portability

    Small size you can put it in a pocket or bag, easy to use anywhere, anytime!


    Specially designed lens

    Custom lens to achieve high quality and sharp images


    Reasonable price

    Instead of expensive VR devices, enjoy VR at a reasonable price.



    Easy to use

    Simply put a clip on your smartphone, it is that easy to use.


    Easy on neck

    The unique structure allows you to grab the smartphone by hand; you can use it without any strain on the neck that is usually caused by the weight of the VR headset.




    Available on most of 4-6.4 “mobile phones










    Product Name: MOCOM VR NABI
    Model: MVR-100
    Size: 63x73mm / 25g
    Color: Red / white
    Component: VR glasses / Case
    Do not use while driving or during sports activities
    Before use, make sure that there are no dangerous objects around you
    Do not disassemble or use the device for other purposes
    We are not responsible for damage or malfunction caused by negligence of the user
    Be careful when using for extended periods, as this may result in eye fatigue, dizziness and neck pain.
    Do not look directly at the sun
    Defects occurring within five days from the date of purchase can be exchanged


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    14 Mocomtech Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Hae-yong Choi

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      samsuksaro 692beongil 108, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      LCD Modules

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      MocomTech Inc. was established as a specialized optical company in 1953. Since then, we have produced screens and optical products. We have developed optical technology like a large screen for microscope and for TV and exported them to the U.S and Southeast Asia. Based on accumulated knowledge and experience on manufacturing of screens and optics, we finally succeed to produce a specialized super-high gain screen which won the President's Prize in Korea Patent Exhibition 1999.Our main items are Projector Visual Systems, Screens for 3D and Simulation, Large Screens for Electronic Games, Indoor & Outdoor Screens(versatile sizes) for Advertising, Screens for Microscopes, Screens for Computer monitors and so on. We are ready to supply varied screens suitable for different use and purposes If you have any questions about our products, contact us without hesitation.

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      • Mexico Mexico
      • Taiwan Taiwan
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