Display cabinet copper tube aluminum fin evaporator

Display cabinet copper tube aluminum fin evaporator

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Hangzhou Ponray Technologies Co., Ltd

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Main application & usage

Productsare suitable for R134A, R22, R404A, R407C, and CO2 refrigerant.

Widely used for commercial refrigerators and freezers, commercial showcase cabinet,air-conditioning systems, dehumidifier, ice maker etc.



Material: copper tube, aluminum fins, galvanized steel bracket ifneed

- Copper tube: made by Hailiang China,Φ5,Φ7mm,Φ7.94,Φ9.52, Φ12.7, Φ15.88, inner thread groove or smooth tube

- Aluminum foil: blue or other color hydrophilic, or uncoated bare

- Fin type: louver, flat, corrugated or slit fin

- Side plate: galvanized steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum or brass.



Production process

Tube bending, punching fin, tube expanding, fins installation, drying, welding,leakage test, tube bending, quality inspection, packing



Tightness testing: gas testing under 3.0Mpaair pressure

Leakage testing: water leakagetesting


B2B Trade

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Hangzhou Ponray Technologies Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China /
Business type
Trading Company


Zeng baohua
Rm1903, Keda Touzi Bldg, No.555,Xincheng Rd, Binjiang,Hangzhou, China
Product Category
Other Home Appliances
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Company introduction


Who we are?
We are trading company in Hangzhou, China, from year 2002, we have accumulated significant knowledge in sourcing and exporting varieties of material,components to worldwide refrigeration appliance producers and other customers.
We expect to share the high Chinese supply chain competitions with foreign manufacturers and partners, we are dedicated to contribute to our customers' competitive advantage and success.

What we do?
Today’s business environment requires the ability to effectively work with suppliers while minimizing response time, inventories, and risk. Unfortunately,many factors such as language, government regulations, cultural differences and costs make finding a proper supplier & managing proper communication a difficult task.

Working closely with our factoreis and suppliers,from raw material to sophisticated automation equipment, we can assist partners & customers to find reliable and cost-effective solutions but no quality& service compromise.

We have 3 factories:
1 located in Hangzhou, specialized in production refrigerator & fridge roll bond evaporator.
1 located in Hangzhou, specialized in production copper tube aluminum fin condenser evaporator coil unit.
1 located in Yuyao Ningbo, specialized in refrigerator handle production,plastic injection mould and plastic chrome plating. 
We are in the business field of:

Mould & Parts fabrication
- Metal die, metal parts stamping and finishing.
- Plastic injection mould, injection, plastic chrome plating
- Extrusion die, extruded profile

Wide range home appliance raw material and components:
-Material like bundy tube, seamless aluminum tube, stucco embossed aluminumsheet, aluminum foil, VIP sheet, anodized aluminum sheet
-  Copper tube aluminum fin condenser coil, copper tube aluminum fin evaporator coil, roll bond evaporator, no frost finevaporator, copper filter dryer, wire on tube condenser,  copper tube exchanger ass’y
- Shaded pole motor, BLDC motor, other appliance motors
- Lamp holder, door switch, lamp, door handle etc.

Appliance in CBU or SKD: 
- Chest freezer
- Bottle cooler
- Air to water generator
- Ice making water dispenser

Nowadays numerous vendors you can find from this internet + world, if you are looking for one best experienced, high honest & conscientious, high competition& high degree of business integrity and loyalty Chinese supplier & sourcing partner,please contact us!


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