Electrosurgical Unit (Model: ZEUS VISION)

Electrosurgical Unit (Model: ZEUS VISION)

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electrosurgical unit, diathermy, electrosurgey, turp
Medical Devices , Surgical Equipment , Other Surgical Equipment
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ZERONE Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2001
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Product name Electrosurgical Unit (Model: ZEUS VISION) Certification CE
Category Medical Devices
Surgical Equipment
Other Surgical Equipment
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Product Information

Electrosurgical Unit



● Color Graphic User Interface.
Wide TFT LCD mount, clean and shaper image quality, unlike the existing electricity and the innovative new U.I. configuration operation.

● Best Safety with Feedback System.
REM(Return Electrode Monitoring) monitors the size of contact area between a patient and the pad. If the size is inappropriate, it automatically blocks the high-frequency current to minimize the danger of burning incidents.

● All Touch Screen System & Key.
Touch screen system through the implementation easier and faster with a parameter setting, external key management can be the same as a touch screen.

● Diversity of Features Bipolar.
Bipolar cut, Biploar blend, Bipolar forced to add features to implement more up-grade the optimal system.

-(Basic) Endo-Cut(Intra-Cut) 

Endo-Cut is a monopolar electrosurgical treatment method and a cut which is carried out in intervals(fractionated cut) with software-controlled alternations between cutting and coagulation stages.

-(Option 1) T.U.R.P
Special resectoscopy, which removes the tissue in the prostate with kinetic plazma under saline liquid(recommeded to buy accessories for procedure by userself)

-(Option 2) Vessel Sealing 

Vessel sealing technology uses pressure and energy to seal vessels and offers major advantages in the field of endoscopic surgery.

Bipolar Vessel Sealing is an electrosurgery technology for sealing blood vessels of up to 7mm in diameter. Technology of Vessel

Sealing enables permanent sealing of large blood vessels and bundle of tissues during open and laparoscopic surgery.

Based on Technology of Tissue Impedance, as soon as sealing in the tissue has been completed, the AUTO STOP function blocks

the current flow. The tissue is now denatured and sealed, and the collagen fibers are linked without damage.


 -(Option 3) T.U.R.P + Vessel Sealing




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ZERONE Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2001
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Yang Bae, Kim
Ls-Ro 13,8F, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Beauty & Personal Care,I.V Equipments,Medical Devices,Surgical Equipment
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Company introduction

For Your Reliable Surgery! 


We promise the best competitiveness aimed at customer satisfaction.


ZERONE was established in 2001 and we are a medical equipment manufacturer specializing in research and development.

We produce our product with optimum manufacturing system under strict quality control and export to more than 80 countries.

We are striving to improve quality and acquired ISO 13485 as a Quality Management System through continuous investment in R&D.

Also we got GMP(KFDA) and CE certificate to supply with the most reliable products to customers.

We aim for customer satisfaction by actively responding to various customers’ needs. 

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