Multi White -Whitening, Brightening- Cream with Goat milk

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whitening care, instant whitening, whitening cosmetic, goat milk cream,
Face Cream & Lotion
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South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Product name Multi White -Whitening, Brightening- Cream with Goat milk Certification -
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Product Information


Multi White Cream


Goat’s milk gold capsule 50g


Goat’s milk skin care for Milky skin 


Brightening effect for more radiant and shiny skin, 
like using a reflector board, while gold capsules burst pop! Pop!


Goat’s milk capsule
Capsule full of abundant nutrients, such as mother’s milk.


Skin health keeper 
Goat’s milk covered with a gold capsule for skin health, upgrades moisturizing and nutrients.

Reflector board’s cream
Whitening (brightening) cream to shine the skin instantly, like using a reflector board.




Unique selling points


Gold Goat’s milk capsule


Goat’s milk capsules, which are covered with gold in a soft type like whipped cream, burst right after application onto the skin. Being absorbed into the skin right away, you can feel both luminant and moisturized. 


Rice bran extract instead of purified water
KFDA’s functional skin care, using “Rice bran extract” as base ingredient, and making the skin complexion in good condition by tidying up the dead skin cell layer.


Fruit extract and Vitamin E


Fruit extract such as grapefruit, orange, lime, and more fills the skin with moisture and reduces moisture loss. By containing Vitamin E derivative, it helps skin keep moisturized and vital.


Oriental & herbal ingredients


Oriental herbal ingredients such as centella asiatica extracts, portulaca oleracea extract and others help the skin stay protected and nourished with brightened and healthy skin. 


Soft and milky type
As a soft type like whipped cream, it creates deeply moisturized softness in the skin right after application.


Makeover into brightening skin right after the application!





Details of Gold goat’s milk capsule













Recommended for


vPeople who lack confidence in their natural skin.  
vPeople who want a naturally brightened skin. 
vPeople who feel unsatisfied even after applying make-up due to their dark skin complexion. 
vPeople who are concerned about their dark skin complexion.
vPeople who feel uncomfortable with using make-up with a white base due to their dark skin complexion.


vPeople who want a moisturized and radiant skin complexion.


B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
Business type


Soon Chae Kwon
3F, Boyoung Bldg, 37-1, Yangpyeondong-3ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, SEOUL, KOREA, 150-103
Product Category
Face Cream & Lotion,Facial Care,Other Facial Care
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Company introduction


Leading manufacturer and distributor of Korean cosmetics
As one of the leading companies in manufacturing and distributing cosmetics in Korea, Beauty Lab’s top priority is the customer’s perfect satisfaction. 

Developing the best quality products for customers
Since the establishment, Beauty Lab has researched the latest market trend and technology, and has developed the best quality products with a reasonable price to meet the customer’s needs. 

Providing the full range service for clients
Beauty Lab covers the full range work from the product planning, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing. Our professionals have made great efforts to provide better products and service to the consumers and clients in view of clients’ position.  

Leader of K-beauty industry
Based on our long experience and know-how in beauty industry, we are expanding our business into overseas market. As a leader of K-beauty industry, we are developing new product lines for overseas market under our own brand. Our goal in the overseas market is to provide the high functional and excellent products in attractive package with reasonable price and spread K-beauty all over the world.   

Growing business 
Also, we are doing the business to distribute the Licensed foreign brands in overseas market as well as Korean market.  

Domestic business as Korean “Sephora”
Beauty Lab owns and operates “Beauty Gallery”, beauty-retail shop in the premium department stores (Lotte, NC department stores) selling various foreign brands (about 50 brands) and our own brands (Rejuvera, etc.). The Beauty Gallery is known as a Korean styled “Sephora” in Korean beauty industry.


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