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Product Thumnail Image S100 Ultra Programmer repalce Original beepr

By obd2cartool

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s100 ultra programmer
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2 OBD2cartool Technology Co.,Ltd

Country China China

Supplier Grade level1

Response Rate 50%

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Product Information


S-100 / S100 Ultra Programmer is universal High Speed Stand-Alone Device Programmer, it will replace Beeprog, beeprog+  and superpro 5000 programmer completely, and supports More than 300+ IC manufacturer, More than 80000+ pcs devices. fast reading and writing speed, widely used for research and development, quantity production of high-quality universal programmer.

S-100 Ultra-high Speed Stand-alone Universal Programmer, Replacement of Beeprog, Beeprog+ and Superprog 5000

S-100 High speed programme work with Superprog 5000 software,

Support IC device

S-100 programmer Software download:

S-100 programmer adapters list:, if you need the socket, pls contact with us, it is cheaper price.

Universal S-100 / S100 programmer is the upgrade version of Superpro 5000 programm