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Hanbok Lynn (Hanbok Dress with a Lace Outer Skirt)

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Place of Origin
South Korea

2 Korea Crafts & Design Foundation

Country South Korea South Korea

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Product Information

Hanbok Lynn (Hanbok Dress with a Lace Outer Skirt)


  • Features an outer skirt and spectacular Swarovski crystals.
    Suitable as a Hanbok wedding dress.


Utilized an outer skirt, has a lacy top, and decorated with Swarovski stones for extra fanciness.
It can make a bride stand out on her most special day.


  • Ingredients : Dadeumi silk, lace, Swarovski stones
  • component : skirt, jacket, underskirt
  • Size :
    - Jacket(Chest size: 42,4cm, Length: 24cm, Lenght of Sleeve: 79cm)
    - Dress(Length: 143cm, Length of end: 96cm)