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Keestar DS-9C+A1-PB bag closing system

By keestar

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bag closing system
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Product Information


Keestar DS-9C+A1-PB bag closing system


Keestar DS-9C+A1-PB bag closing system is used for high speed packing line.
DS-9C is the highest speed bag closing machine head in the world.
it could provide both plain stitch closing and crepe tape closing.
with strong pedestal A1-PB, the system can be used with keestar conveyor or existing conveyor to built-up an automatic bag closing sysytem.
it could work as one part of full automatic bagging system.


    1.  automatic start-stop;
    2.  built-in 50mm guillotine pneumatic driven cutter for both crepe tape and thread cutting;
    3.  high speed, max 1200bag/hour output, could work for automatic bagging system;
    4.  full closed structure of DS-9C make it an idea machine for chemical and high dust industry.


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