Natural 98% Naringenin CAS NO. 480-41-1

Natural 98% Naringenin CAS NO. 480-41-1

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Shaanxi NHK Technology Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China / 1998
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Product Information


Product name :  Naringenin
English name :  Naringenin
Latin      name :  Naringenin
Herb    Source :   Extracted from the immature fruits and fruit peel of Citrus paradisi Macfad and Citrus grandis(L.)Osbeck . as well as found in flower bud of Prunus yedoensis Mats.
  Specs :    98%
 Test     :    HPLC
CAS NO. :   480-41-1
 Appearance  :    White Needle
 Molecular Formula :      C15H12O5
 Molecular Weight :     272.25
Constitutional Formula : 
Melting Point and Solubility :    mp251°C,Soluble in alcohol, ether and benzene. almost insoluble in water.    
Main Function :   1. Naringenin has anticancer effect , can kill various cancer cells .
                               2. Naringenin has protective effect on focal cerebral ischemia reperfusion in rats , and its mechanism may relate with its effective scavenging of free radicals. Naringenin significantly decreased the cerebral water content, reduced the volume of cerebral infarction of the impaired brain hemisphere,lowered the level of MDA and improved the activity of SOD in brain. This shows Naringenin can has protective effect on brain hemisphere .
                               3. Naringenin can significantly lower the plasma cholesterol concentration and the hepatic cholesterol content .
                               4. Naringenin has also been shown to reduce hepatitis C virus production by infected hepatocytes (liver cells) in cell culture . This seem to be secondary to Narigenin ability to inhibit the secretion of very low density lipoprotein by the cells .
                               5.  Naringenin has bioactive effect on human health as antioidant , free radical scavenger , antisepsis , anti-inflammatory , antispasmodic activity .
Storage    :   Store in cool & dry place ,do not freeze. Keep away from strong light and heat .
 Shelf life  :   2 years when properly stored .


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Shaanxi NHK Technology Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China / 1998
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B1103 Huajing Plaza, No.20 Fenghui South Road, Xi'an 710075 China.
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Plant Extract
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Shaanxi NHK Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2014, and is the subsidiary of Shaanxi Huike Botanical Development Co., Ltd., which was itself established in October of 1998.

Shaanxi NHK Technology Co., Ltd. is an export- oriented, private enterprise technology company with import and export rights. Our company responds to market trends, emphasizes customer service and satisfaction, and relies on the latest in advanced technology. We are a high-quality supplier of high-purity botanical functional monomers and standardized extracts, with over 15 years of sustainable development. As such, we have established a good brand and reputation in the botanical extractive production field.

We are committed to research, development, production, and sales of plant active ingredients, animal nutrition products, and microbial fermentation products. We are striving to become the leader in industrial and technical evolution, the pacesetter and formulator of the corresponding standards, and a reliable supplier of high-quality products and services.

Company Culture
We adhere to the “excellent quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery capacity, and exceptional service” goals for our company to become your ideal partner in mutually beneficial business transactions. We strive to transform natural resources through biochemistry, advanced science and technology, into consistently high-quality natural products and related compounds to meet our customer demand.

Value Outlook
Within our company, we realize the importance of the “win-win” nature of doing business between ourselves and our customers. Based on this perspective, we spare no efforts to achieve breakthroughs in technology and production. We are firmly committed to providing our customers with high-quality and low-cost products, and with a consistent and reliable supply source.


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