Lindsay Luxury Magic Modeling Mask Pack- Tray (1 Set)

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mask pack, pack, essence gel mask, rubber pack,
Face Mask


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South Korea South Korea / 2012
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Product Information


Lindsay Magic Mask Pack is a special care modeling mask pack used by mixing two dosage forms(liquid / powder set). High-quality nutritional ingredients are composed of the type of the powder and the liquid, and if you mix the two things, you can get the effect of the moisturizing and the elasticity which is superior to the general modeling mask pack.

Gold - This product helps stimulated skin bright & lively due to containing 24K Gold component.


Aqua - This product helps skin moist & glossy and gives moisture and pore care to skin by containing seaweed extract & tea-tree.


Charcoal - This product makes skin smooth due to containing charocoal component which adjusts oil-water balance and adsorbs wastes.


This product is composed of "Gel" which is not normal "water" but "gel" from alga and "powder". It can be possible to be produced the other ingredients which are not treated through our developed recipe and technology. There are not competitve company which has corresponding technology. It is launched in 2016, has been on sale in drug store, department store, duty free shop, etc. 


This is "1 time for using". Contained 1 STEP(Liquid)*1 EA, 2 STEP(Powder)*1 EA
















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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2012
Business type
Yu Hee Suk
392, Hwadong-ro, Hwahyeon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Eye Cream & Mask,Face Cream & Lotion,Face Mask,Facial Cleanser,Other Facial Care
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Company introduction

We, LINDSAY & COS INC., are one of the nominated cosmetic products manufacturer in Republic of Korea, specialized in Aesthetic Cosmetics.

We had started our business 2009 year, and we had established our own factory in 2012.
Our president, Yu Hee Suk started her own business for providing high qualified and home care cosmetics to public customers with DIY concept, because before she decided it, public customers can't help to choose visiting Spa & Salon to take for their own skin care services.

Our products covered 1. Modeling maskpack, 2. Luxury Magic Maskpack, 3. All-in One Standing Pouch, 4. Vitamin Skincare Series.
Modeling Maskpack is very useful goods for Aesthetic Shops, it contains 1kg or 820g per each products.
For individual customers, we designed small and disposable cuppack.
It is speciallized in caring user's facial care by themselves.
One of our the best selling products, Modeling Mask Cup Pack had been sold and ranked second-best selling products in well known road shop 'OLIVE YOUNG' in part of Maskpack.

Luxury Magic Mask has been designated for people who want to get powerful moisturizing effect for their skin. It consisted of Liquid type and that of powder, it must be easy to use.

All in one Standing pouch is very small and light, so it can be used anywhere that it is recommended for tourist.

Vitamin Skin Care series are designated for people who having sensitive skins.

Main Markets

Bulgaria Bulgaria

China China

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan

Malaysia Malaysia

Singapore Singapore

Turkey Turkey


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린제이앤코스 주식회사

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