Smallest bug detector BugHunter Micro

Smallest bug detector BugHunter Micro

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rf bug detector, electronic bug detector, bug finder, spy bug detector
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Russia Russia / 1995
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Product name Smallest bug detector BugHunter Micro Certification -
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Product Information

This is our smallest RF signal indicator that matches professional device specifications!

It is a compact and multi functional spy bug detector which replaces BugHunter Mini. Frequency range is expanded and now is from 10 to 3,500 MHz and it is dynamic. The device is based on the professional model BugHunter Professional CR-01 but has less functions and shorter detection range. Its unique size allows to take it anywhere with comfort, it is smaller than a credit card.

Our engineers developed a new compact housing with a built-in antenna and custom software to lower the cost of BugHunter Micro. Despite the lower cost the quality of spy equipment detection improved significantly. Unlike BugHunter Mini, it has two modes — Search and Search with acoustic binding (echo location). It does not have Security mode like our more expensive professional devices but it has a professional element base from Analog Devices in its core. We replaced the telescopic antenna of BugHunter Mini with a new one integrated in the housing of BugHunter Micro.

As a result, the new model vastly surpasses BugHunter Mini and comes very close to much more expensive RF signal indicators. BugHunter Micro is a portable device designed to detect radio transmitting devices in close proximity: wireless spy bugs, radio microphones, hidden wireless video cameras, two-way radios, switched on cell phones, cell phone jammers and suppressors. Our device complies with all acting standards and it has passed all necessary tests and examinations.

Advantages of "BugHunter Micro":

  • Guaranteed effectiveness. The device has been thoroughly tested at independent institutes and laboratories where its effectiveness has been confirmed. They proved that BugHunter Micro provides consistently high sensitivity at the whole claimed frequency range, whereas similarly priced detectors from China and Taiwan usually have sensitivity gaps. Thus, BugHunter Micro is an absolute leader in quality in its price range and can seriously compete with higher priced models!

  • Frequency range from 10 to 3500 MHz — it is unique for such a small size. This anti bug device completely matches this parameter. Due to incorporated innovative technologies BugHunter Micro covers the whole frequency range used by the majority of hidden video and eavesdropping devices.

  • Record high sensitivity. Unlike the most Russian and Chinese spy bugs that have sensitivity over 100 mW, BugHunter Micro has a very high sensitivity — 50 mV/m. It allows it to detect a radio bug with 5mW power from 5 meters, and detect a cell phone as far as 50 meters (it is a unique result for an economy class device!).

  • Built-in antenna. Our bug detector is equipped with a built-in antenna which allows to adjust the device's sensitivity and detect low frequency bugs. It is unique for such a small size.

  • Wide dynamic range. BugHunter Micro has a dynamic range common only for professional devices - 70 dB(whereas most devices in the Russian market have this range only up to 40 dB), which enables the device to identify both high and low power signals without exceeding its scale. Such a wide dynamic range makes the device very effective in difficult search conditions.

  • Very compact size. The device has a remarkably small size — only 60 x 45 x 6 mm (2.36 x 1,77 x 0.24 in)! Compare it with a credit card which has a size of 85 x 55 mm (3,35 x 2.17 in). The width of the device is only 6 mm which is in line with today's mobile market trends. 

Dimensions of the device, less than

60 х 45 х 6 mm (2.36 x 1,77 x 0.24 in)

Weight of the device with batteries, less than

0.025 kg (0,88 oz)

DC power supply voltage (Lithium cell battery type CR2032), V


Maximum current consumed by the device, mA, less than


Operating frequency range, MHz

from 10 to 3500

Sensitivity, mV/m, not less than


Dynamic range, dB, not less than


Distance of detecting a radio transmitter with a power of 5 mW, in quiet radio environment, m, not less than




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Country / Year Established
Russia Russia / 1995
Business type


Maxim Fishov
2, Karl Marx street
Product Category
Other Consumer Electronics,Other Security & Protection Products,Pest Control,Self Defense Supplies
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Company introduction

Our company has been inventing, developing and manufacturing innovative electronic devices since 1995. At the time we created an independent subdivision for development and production of complex electronic systems on the basis of a military facility. 
In 20 years of hard work we have come a long way from contract manufacturing to our own brand of electronics. 
Today we have production facilities in the cities of Izhevsk and Arzamas, and research centers in Nizhniy Novgorod and Izhevsk where we successfully combine genius minds and current technology. 
In 2008 our products gained high popularity which resulted in a strong constant demand. We are convinced that our strategy appeals well to our clients and customers and we will continue living by it: "Production quality, durable devices which conform to declared characteristics". 
We don't chase low prices of Chinese products, but we are ready to stand behind the quality, functionality and reliability of our products. And we are second to none at this! 

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