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Persian Cat V Mask

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mask pack , natural cosmetics , wrinkle care
Place of Origin
South Korea

1 feel cosmetic


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level2

Response Rate 16.67%

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Product Information



Persian Cat V Mask 




* Capacity 5 sheets
* Lifting Essence fills up vague skin cells with nutrients in the first step Spandex mask keeps nutrients for a long time in the second step
* Spread the face skin losing its definition and jawline evenly and keep them elastic
* Lifting Effect Settle double layered chin
* Very strong Lifting by DPHP
* Anti-gravity Effec Spread wrinkles which caused aging and gravity
* Nutrition with botanical and strong Anti-oxidant agents

* Essence gel mask protects skin against abnormalities and supply rich nutrients for 8 hours,
  keeps the skin from harmful environment and retrieves V line

* Lifting Essence
  Supply various nutrients into tired skin so that makes skin lively and tightly
  Maximize mask effects as an anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics

* Essence Gel MASK
  Very soft and elastics cotton spandex sheet lift drooped skin
  You can use 1 hour to 8 hours, enjoy massage and lifting effect once 


Recommended for such customers
# Customers who can’t laugh out loudly due to nasolabial fold      
# Customers who looked older than age due to dark complexion
# Cus