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Leather skin 880 (leather Golf grips)

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golf grip , leather golf grips
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Leather skin 880 (leather Golf grips)
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Leather skin 880 (leather Golf grips) 



Most of all, the grip is an important consumable in golf. The grip is a consumable that connects the golfer’s power and the manipulability and that requires a periodical management and replaceable use because a great influence may be applied when a golfer’s power and manipulability are not properly transmitted due to degraded performance even if a best club is used. In order to prevent slippage due to perspiration and moisture, and missed shot caused thereby, and to enjoy a delicate hand’s feel (taste of a hand) as good as no use of golf gloves, a Leather Skin 880 has come into this world through a patent application and a PCT international application on golf grip manufacturing that has increased moisture absorption.