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Shinkung Traditional Food
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dessert, korea, traditional cookies, teafood,

14 Shinkung Traditional Food

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Product name Yakgwa 100 Certification -
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    Keyword dessert , korea , traditional cookies , teafood Unit Size 170.0 * 210.0 * 80.0 mm
    Brand name Shinkung Traditional Food Unit Weigh 100 mg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 190590
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    Shinkung Traditional Food has made delicious traditional Korean pastry that consumers from kids to grown-ups can enjoy with trust while reviving our clean traditional taste from the tips of fingers for 30years. With a value of “going beyond others comes from being different from them”, it has developed a variety of unique and traditional Korean pastry such as oil-and-honey pastry with chocolate flavor, ginseng flavor, green tea flavor, etc., and continues to make efforts to bring in quality improvements with studies such as extension of distributing time limits, etc.

    As a result, our quality has been recognized through a range of awarding history such as being appointed to be a formal governmental supplier for the Summit for ASEM, exporting to America, broadcasting through MBC’s Successful Times, etc. In addition to such incessant efforts for developing traditional Korean pastry, the Master of traditional Korean pastry food was bestowed from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest in March, 2005. 



    Han-gwa with Traditional Spirit of the Mater and Soul of Expert

    A high quality brand of traditional Korean pastry keeping the vein of the traditional Korean pastry with the spirit of master as a master of the traditional Korean pastry.

    The best efforts has been made to make masterpieces of traditional Korean pastry different from others in the quality for handmade traditional Korean

    pastry with devotion one by one by using our farm products and environment friendly

    materials strictly selected from cultivating crops based on the contract.




    Yakgua is a type of Korean Traditional Biscuit made by kneading different kinds of powdered grains with honey, oil, and Korean wine. After kneading, shape to an appropriate size, and fry in boiling oil. Then, take it out and cover the surface with grain syrup. This is MoYakgua(one type of Yakgua). Its characteristic is that it maintains its genuine texture, and since grain syrup soaks through, the flavor is very rich. Its another characteristic is that its size is a mouthful. 




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    14 Shinkung Traditional Food

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
    • Supplier Activity

    • President

      Kim Kyu-heun

    • Address

      38, Jeonggeum-ro 74beon-gil, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA

    • Product Category

      Snacks,Other Grains

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    • Company introduction

      <p>'HanGwa of Master Kim Kyu-heun' is a quality-recognized product with history of Asem Confectionary Supplier, 2007 Seol (Lunar New Year`s Day) and Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day) President's Gift Set Supplier, exporter to and many award such as Seoktap Order of Industrial Service Merit. Kim Kyu-heun will work harder to facilitate the market in Korea and globalize HanGwa (Korean traditional sweets and cookies). Kim Kyu-heun, curator and Master of established the HanGwa Cultural Museum believing that he should make a foundation to succeed and develop excellent ancestral Eol (spirit) and traditional food culture by raising dominates your entire life. This belief has led him to provide HanGwa Professionals Development Project to ordinary citizen. He has studied functionality and diversity of HanGwa and raise awareness of its beauty and health in Korea and abroad.  

    • Main Markets
      • South Korea South Korea
    • Main Product
      •  Yakgwa

        Yakgwa 100

      • Yugwa

        Yugwa 150g

      • Gangjeong

        Gangjeong 130

      • Yugwa 150g _Prickly pear_

        Yugwa Red 150g

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