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4 SUNCOM Co., Ltd

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    - Integrated Marine IT Resource Platform
    - ShipCLOUD is a vessel-optimized server computer that provides triple-safe system like disk duplexing and automatic backup system to protect critical data on the ship from poor environment.
    - It is designed for immediate restoration from vessel in the event of system failure. By eliminating integrated data storage of shipCLOUD, the shipping manager and shipping company’s accumulated know-how outflow can be prevented and transfer of data can be done easily.
    - Fleet monitoring is possible on shore. All vessels where shipCLOUD is installed are available to monitor data collected by shipCLOUD. Monitoring the usage of network resources in the vessel helps to detect or predicting failures and may reduce the cost of maintaining vessel IT resources. 

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    4 SUNCOM Co., Ltd

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
    • Supplier Activity

    • President

      Taehoon Koh

    • Address

      #602 NIFC 111 Hyoyeol-ro, Buk-gu, Busan, KOREA

    • Product Category

      Repairs & Maintenance,Modems & Routers,Servers Hardware,Computer Software

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    • Company introduction

      1. SUNCOM

      SUNCOM was established in Busan KOREA, the maritime capital of Korea, for shipbuilding & maritime IT business, and now owns a lot of source technologies and related patents such as vessel monitoring using satellite communication and 4S communication data processing technology.

      With such technologies, SUNCOM is powerful shipbuilding & maritime IT Venture Company which continuously tries to establish maritime safety and improvement of crew IT welfare with young and challenging sprits.


      2. Major business 

      1) Satellite Communication Solution

      E-mail & data transmission system optimized for maritime satellite communication

      E-mail system for ships - ShipOffice v4.0

      Ship anti virus vaccine live update service

      Ship M2M(machine to machine) solution

      Ship electronics manual solution 


      2) Network Solution

      Intelligent server system optimized for ships, based on cloud computing technology

      ShipCloud server system

      Ship Power Line(PLC) communication solution

      Data line and telephone line communication solution

      Build Fleet Broadband(FB), GPS, M2M satellite communication terminals 


      3) Location-based Solution

      Location-tracking system based on geofencing algorithm

      4S(ship to ship, ship to shore) router equipment

      Fishery e-reporting system & sending/picking up distress calls

      Maritime safety management system

      Vessel monitoring system based on ECDIS 


      4) Vessel IT Maintenance

      24H/7D global ships IT technical support

      Management IT resources on ships and failure history 


      5) Research and Development

      Proceed government public project and develope core technologies

      Develop maritime IT core technologies


    • Main Markets
      • Bangladesh Bangladesh
      • China China
      • Italy Italy
      • Japan Japan
      • South Korea South Korea
      • Singapore Singapore
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      • _SUNCOM_ ShipDIS for Vessel

        [SUNCOM] ShipDIS for Vessel

      • _SUNCOM_ _ ShipCLOUD for Vessel

        [SUNCOM] - ShipCLOUD for Vessel

      • _SUNCOM_ ShipROUTER for Vessel

        [SUNCOM] ShipROUTER for Vessel

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