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Water Softeners

4 Water and People Co Ltd

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    Keyword hydrogen generator , hydrogen water , alkaline water bottle , alkaline ion water Unit Size 85.0 * 200.0 * 85.0 mm
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    Portable mineral hydrogen reduced water generator WP-900 & WP-1200



    Portable mineral reduction bottle WP-900  &  Portable mineral hydrogen reduced water generator WP-1200

    If you put mineral water, purified water or electrolytic ionized water in the bottle, you can drink alkaline reduced water rich in hydrogen benefit for your body at any time.
    Alkaline reduced water, which is antioxidant water generated by the conversion of oxidizing power to reducing power, is water beneficial for the body that removes free radicals (O2-).


    Portable mineral reduction water Generating bottle WP-900

    You can use the bottle putting purified water in it.
    Dense clusters and hexagonal water rates increased
    Increase of minerals + rising of alkalinity + increase of antioxidant activity + removal of oxygen free radicals 



    WP-1200 Portable Mineral Hydrogen reduced water Generator

    Made of the high-quality environment-friendly material TRITAN
    It is made of the TRITAN material in which endocrine-disrupting chemicals are not detected even in hot water of more than 60℃.
    Hydrogen reduced water you can drink safely and conveniently anytime and anywhere including when you are doing exercise, mountain climbing and when going outside.

    - An inconvenient portable water bottle has been improved functionally.
    - You can use the portable reduction bottle putting mineral water or purified water in it.


    WP-1100 : Dual use of Portable Hydrogen reduction water and Portable Tea extracting container  


    Tea component is extracted fast with the basic function of Hydrogen water generation!


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    W85x H200 x D85
    W85 × H200 × D85
    W85 × H200 × D85


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    4 Water and People Co Ltd

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President


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      Doyak-ro, 261, A-1007, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA

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      Water Softeners

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      "We are a company practicing love for mankind through development of various materials and mineral reduced water devices (hydrogen reduced water generating and reduction Water purification products) along with research of healthy water.”
      We will try to be a company that knows the importance of customers.


      Thank you for visiting Water & People.

      We are giving our best in research on various roles and functions of water changed by the combination of natural mineral materials and water making efforts to develop raw materials related to Water and products corresponding to them, and we also are making a constant effort to develop new products.

      With the existing technologies developed by us and our invention patents of products, we are releasing the best products grafted with biotechnology and marketing them actively at home and abroad. And we will focus on developing natural materials that generate good Water for people's health and products that can be used throughout the world, and grow up as a bio Company that practices love for mankind by opening a prosperous future, based on confidence in humans and the love of nature.

      We will grow into a first-rate enterprise, based on indomitable creativity and constant challenge spirit.

      In addition,we are going to contribute to the national health by having invited Dr.Thomas Park who found the fundmental importance of water metabolism in healing diseased cells.

      He has proclaimed Reverse Aging by new Paradigm Medicine which virtually cures various diseases for which the modern medicine has no answers.

      As Director of our research center, he is concentrating his energy on research for developing physical properties which are beneficial to the human body.

      Thank you.


      Dr. Thomas Park

      • Graduated from Seoul National University.
      • degree at New York University.
      • Awarded Ph.D.
      • degree at New York University.

      Executives and Staff members Water & People Co., Ltd.


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        Hydrogen water generation bottle

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      • Hydrogen water generating bottle

        Hydrogen water generating bottle

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